Dr Oz: Nail Salon Dangers of Manicures & Pedicures: Fungus & Bacteria

Doctor Oz did a show on Nail Salon Dangers – do you know the risks of Manicures and Pedicures and what to look for at your nail salon to make sure you don’t get fungus or bacterial infections?  We spend $6 billion at nail salons each year, so make sure you know the dangers of manicures and pedicures and how to prevent them!  Nail Salon Dangers of Manicures & Pedicures

Manicure & Pedicure Danger #1: Dirty Tools

Does your Nail Salon clean their tools between customers?  Or are your having your nails cut and trimmed with the same tools they used on the previous customer?  Dr. Amy Wechsler said that you should look for a UV Tool Sterilizer or bring your own tools when you go to the nail salon.  E-coli, which is found in feces, was found on tools in nail salons, because if a client goes to the bathroom and does not wash their hands, the e-coli from the feces can get on the tool and cause a very bad bacterial infection in your  nails.

Manicure & Pedicure Danger #2: Dirty Tubs

None of the three nail salons in Manhattan that Dr Oz’s team checked cleaned the pedicure soaking tubs with a cleaning solution or disinfectant – the tubs were just rinsed with water and scrubbed with a brush or sponge.  You can get fungus or yeast bacteria, which causes fungal infections from pedicure tubs.  Fungus infections eat away at the edge of your nail and often get into the base of your nail.  You can easily buy a tubliner for $1 so that you don’t have to worry about this problem.  Never shave your legs the morning you are going to get a pedicure either, because you can get micro-nicks in your skin from shaving and fungus can get into your skin.

Manicure & Pedicure Danger #3: Dangerous Procedures

Did you know that foot razors are illegal in most states, including New York, but the nail salons would still use a foot razor when they were asked to at the nail salons Dr. Oz’s team tested out.  Foot razers are used to remove callouses, and if you do not clean them properly, the blood from one person’s foot can get into the cuts they make on your foot.  Dr Amy Wechsler said she tells all of her patients to use the callous solution Carmol 20, which dissolves thick skin away in safe fashion.


  1. Melissa says

    Yesterday I was listening to a local Radio Station in My Salon, when I heard this come on….. I am an Independent Nail Tech… and This just cost me some potential clients….I for one clean all my implements between clients and then some…..I have more than one set of implements, that way I always have one put away Clean, Disinfected, AND STERILIZED! I Make sure i don’t Schedule more than 4 clients in my work day so Everything is cleaned proper in between clients….I don’t have a UV sterilizer yet, so does that mean my implements are dirty? NO! I go above and beyond State Board Reg. for Cleaning, Disinfecting and Sterilizing my Equipment… Yes, I have seen clients come in with Fungus…..and it is a very awful thing to have, But every client that has come in with fungus has got their nails done in the Chain Nail Salons…. and I am in no means Disrespecting this race when I Say it was coming from the Asian ran Salons in My city……I have been in their to see what they do, I have never seen them clean anything, They use their own finger nail to push back your cuticle… They never ask you to wash your hands before your service… I never see them put on a new drill bit or sanding band… I never see them pull implements out of Disinfectant. I have seen them use the foot razor, which are Illegal in my State……They get you in and out and on your way in 45 minutes, So let me say by any means you see this going on in your salon Turn around and walk away……The thing is People go for cheap and Fast, Well in this Business you get what you pay for! I take the time to clean every finger nail before i even start! So if you bring your own implements and you still get a fungus? whose fault is that? Take the time and ask your Nail Technician their means of Sanitation, Disinfection, Sterilization before getting a service…. and if you don’t feel comfortable, Leave….. But by any means NOT ALL SALONS are Dirty!

  2. Ann Jones says

    I am also a nail tech, and I also go above and beyond my states practices of cleaning all tools, and spas. I will even tell my clients why I’m doing, and why I’m doing it. Yes you have to wait 5 more mins for the pedicure, because i pulled the drain, and I’m running the cleaning solution in there now, for your protection. Guess what the client always wait because they don’t see that in the discount nail salons. Yes they are predominately ran by the same race, that doesn’t make me a racist, just stating a fact. When I took my state boards, there were people in there for 8th, 9th and even 20th attempt to pass the test, because they didn’t speak english.

  3. Pat Lenner says

    I unfortunately can speak first hand of getting nail fungus buy going for regular pedicures. I patronized the same place and just one dirty utensil going under both of my big toes contaminated both of them. One question. Got a good lawyer?

  4. Laura says

    I just had a manicure done, and I did not like the service at all. She hurt me in one finger, very close to the nail. It didn’t bleed but it turned red after a while; then I saw that she cut a little bit of skin. It hurt, and I let her know. I asked her if she sterilized the instruments and she didn’t even understand what I meant (Vietnamese). Now I am scared. What does it take to get infected? As I said, there was no blood, just a little bit of redness.

  5. pam says

    I almost lost my foot from the ankle down. First time going 7/2012, they denied I had been in the facility. It was a birthday gift paid with credit card, 3 people with me & I videotape my journey to date. I will not go back they used a cooking cheese grater huge! Therapy just ended thank God

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