Dr Oz: Nate Berkus & Appendix Surgery for Appendicitis

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Dr Oz: Nate Berkus & Appendix Surgery for Appendicitis

By on February 14, 2011

Dr Oz was joined by Nate Berkus and one of Dr Oz’s biggest fans, both of whom were Doctor Oz’s Assistant-of-the-Day for the Dr Oz Surprise Party Show.  Dr Oz sent Carolina Bermudez from z100 to one of Dr Oz’s biggest fan’s home to ask her to be the Assistant-Of-The-Day.

Dr Oz: Appendix & Appendicitis

Dr Oz said that everyone is born with an Appendix, but 1 out of 12 of us get infections in them and have them removed as a child.  Dr Oz’s Assistant-Of-The-Day had her Appendix removed Dr Oz & Nate Berkuswhen she was 13 years old, and Nate Berkus said that Dr Oz diagnosed him with Appendicitis when he was in the middle of a trip to Cairo.  Berkus was on the Today Show and was in crippling pain and so he sent an e-mail to Dr Oz who told him to go to the hospital right away to get treated because it sounded like Appendicitis.

Dr Oz: What Does The Appendix Do?

Dr Oz said that where the small bowel meets the large bowel, there is a small thing that comes out the bottom and this is the Appendix.  The Appendix provides your intestines with nutrients and contains back-up bacteria.  Your appendix gives you new bacteria and is a defense mechanism that helped our ancestors to survive things like Cholera and Salmonella.

Dr Oz: Appendicitis Symptoms

Dr Oz said that the following are the main symptoms of Appendicitis:

1.  Nausea

2.  Diffused stomach pain that localizes into crippling stomach pain in the lower right area

Dr Oz: What Causes Appendicitis?

Dr Oz did a demonstration where his Assistant-Of-The-Day and Nate Berkus represented bacteria that goes into an Appendix,  but then if something blocks off the Appendix then the bacteria get trapped inside and grow larger and larger which causes pain.  If this is ignored, then the Appendix can burst and the bacteria goes outside of the intestines which can lead to death.

Dr Oz: Uncommon Fiber Sources

The following are uncommon sources of fiber:

Dr Oz: Coffee Enema

I am not sure if he was joking or not, but coffee alone is a great source of fiber.  I am not so sure about the Coffee Enema concept though!

Dr Oz: Peanut Butter

Dr Oz: Amaranth

Dr Oz said that the more fiber you eat, the better chance you have that something won’t get stuck in your Appendix and cause Appendicitis.

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