Dr Oz: Natural Lift: One Hour Miracle Face Lift & Dr Sharon Giese


Dr Oz did an entire show about Revolutionary Plastic Surgery Procedures for 2011 and one of the segments was on a new Face Lift called the Natural Lift: The One Hour Miracle Face Lift created by Dr Sharon Giese, a plastic surgeon.  Doctor Oz said that this innovative new cosmetic procedure can revolutionize your face without a face lift or surgery!

Dr Oz: The Natural Lift

Dr Oz found two best friends: Jacquie and Judy, who have been through a rough few years together.  Jacquie said that if it was not for Judy, she would not have made it through the past 4 years since her husband died suddenly at the age of 50.  She hates that when she looks in the mirror it looks like she has aged 10 years, because she has decided that it is time to start dating again.  Judy is a divorced mother of 2 daughters and one step-daughter.  She wants to find a partner too, but first she wants to get rid of her fine lines and wrinkles.  They both asked Dr Oz to help them with a brand new beginning.

Dr Oz: Dr Sharon Giese’s Natural Lift Face Lift

Dr Sharon Giese created the Natural Lift as an alternative to the surgical Face Lift, because patients want a great face lift done quickly to take care of their fine lines, wrinkles, sagging skin in the jowl, and dark eye bags and circles.  In less than an hour, the Natural Lift is done and the results are immediate.  Dr Giese said that the Natural Lift does not look fake and you do not have to take a lot of time off of work – in fact, you can return to work in a couple of days.

Dr Oz: Natural Lift Face Lift Results

Jacquie and Judy’s Natural Lifts looked great, and they said it did not hurt at all.  It has only been 6 days and they already returned to work.  Judy said that she loves that Jacquie now looks on the outside exactly how she is on the inside.

Dr Oz: What Is The Natural Lift?

Dr Oz asked Dr Giese to explain what she does during the Natural Lift.  She said she does the following:


  1. Michelle Tanner says

    For Dr.Giese, How do I find a doctor where I live that does what you do. I live in Russellville, Ar or closer I’m not far from Conway or Little Rock, Ar after seeing Dr. Oz I really want this done I’m 56 and really need a face lift. Please let me no some how I can do this in my area. Thanks so much really enjoyed the show. Michelle Tanner

  2. Renee Douglas says

    for Dr.Giese, How long does this natural face lift last???
    Thanks so much
    Renee Douglas

  3. Elaine C says

    Where are Dr. Geise’s and Dr. Davis’ Offices? Are either of them in NYC? I live in Connecticut. Thanks. Oh, how much is the neck tite lift? Thank you.

  4. Karen Stepenoff says

    I Live in Alberta Canada, do you know of any Doctor in Alberta that does this procedure, and how much it cost? Thks

  5. Toni Lucadello says

    I live in northwest Ohio near Toledo, Ohio. Is there any affiliate of Dr. Giese that performs her procedures in this area? Thanks for your reply.

  6. carol max rainwater says

    I live in Irmo, SC , do you know of a doctor in this area that can do this procedure, and how much it costs ? Thanks !!!

  7. Meryl Halpern says

    I would love to know of a doctor in the St. Louis, MO area who does Dr. Giese’s procedure. I am going to be 70 this summer and truly in need of a LIFT…both emotionally and facially. I would also like toknow the approximate cost of the procedure. Thank you. Meryl

  8. says

    Have any of the above questions been answered? I too would love to know the cost, how long it lasts and where Dr. Giese is located. Also, if there are others across the country doing the Natural Lift.

  9. says

    It seems as if only Dr Giese is doing the Natural Lift at this time. She is located in NYC. Here is the info I could find on her:

    Dr Sharon Giese
    114 East 61st Street
    New York, NY 10065-8102
    (212) 421-3400

  10. Debea says

    OK We are in Central Texas and was wondering if you or if you know someone here in this area who preforms this procedure? Also how long does this last? Do you have to have it done ever so often? Thank you there are several of us who are interested in this?

  11. Barbara Buli says

    Just saw this procedure called the Natural Lift on your show. I am at the moment in Oslo, Norway. Going to a rare and tough chemo treatment for Cancer of the Peritoneum. I am 59 years old and need help when I get through this. I feel awful and I look awful…and I was a pretty woman in my day…I think anyhow. I am planning a trip to NY-NJ in May and was wondering about this procedure…the costs and if you think it would be dangerous. My last chemo treatement will be on the 13th of this month. Do you recommend something like this for me? I am a strong person….happy for the most part….and fighting for my life at the moment…It looks as though this treatment is working for the moment….and I would like to celebrate by helping my face NOT look like it has been hit by a truck….what do you recommend and do you have prices…they are not listed on Dr. Giese’s site. Thank you and Happy Holidays. Barbara Buli

  12. says

    dr oz what a pity that you have drs like dr sharon giese in your show
    i just tell this dr oz, if you are gay lesbian or a person of color black o hispanic you better don’t go to dr giese office or place. she is the wost dr and human being i ever encounter in my life. i call her (the devil wears prada) worst than miranda priestly
    but she take your money she does not do a good job and she never finish it
    the so call dr giese and her staff are ruthless cynical and very cold if they don’t like you
    if you are in the real wife of new york inside edision or your show dr oz may be she likes you
    what a shame for new york and all humanity. my rating for her is zero less than 0
    i just want my money back, dr giese you did not earn it. i pity you!

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