Dr Oz: Near-Death Experience Characteristics & Are You Afraid To Die?


Dr Oz: Are You Afraid To Die?

As a doctor, Dr Oz admitted that he has seen some deaths in the course of his medical training and career. But he said new research is shedding more light on the idea that we have nothing to be afraid of when we pass away. That is why he invited grief counselor David Kessler on the show to talk about what happens when you die. This segment was about near-death experiences.

Dr Oz: What Happens When You Die

Dr Oz: Near-Death Experience Characteristics & Are You Afraid To Die?

Do you believe in near-death experiences? Dr Oz talked with professionals who have studied them and a woman who was clinically dead but came back to life.


  1. Renee Wilson says

    I was in a major wreck in 1998.I was riding a motorcycle when a van pulled out in front of me.I knew I was going to hit the van,I had nowhere to go.I dropped my head.I truly believe God put me to sleep at that time.I do not remember hitting the van.I was told I flipped 6 times air at approximately 25′ in the air and landed on the pavement.I could hear everything around me, but I could not respond.I heard the EMTs say there’s no pulse.They notified my family and work that I had died. They covered me with a sheet and placed me into the ambulance.All of a sudden I woke up.I asked the EMT if I was going to die.She asked if I wanted her to be honest.I told her yes.She said I probably would but she would do everything she could to save me. I was in surgery 7-1/2 hrs to make repairs to my left arm. I broke all the bones in that arm and cut my radial nerve in two. In addition to that my right index finger was broken and my hand fractured, 2 broken ribs and 5 breaks in my pelvic area.The doctors said I would be in a wheelchair for at least 6 months. When I was able, I went back to see the EMT that had done what she said.She asked if I remembered what I had said to her.I told her I remembered asking if I was going to die.She said that I had, also, told her I was going to heaven to live with my mother who had passed in 1996. I truly believe God was with me the entire time even though I didn’t see a white light.I have 3 rods and 20 screws in my left arm and have had a nerve transplant which did not work, and 3 tendon transfers which allows me usage of my arm.The one thing that hurts, even to this day, is the fact that the woman driving the van didn’t care.She has never tried to find out how badly I was hurt or even apologize.She carried the very minimum insurance which did not cover my surgery.I got sued by doctors and hospitals until all payments were made. The one thing I learned that many people don’t know is that you should carry underinsured coverage insurance on your vehicles. Insurance companies don’t want you to know this. They only tell you about uninsusured covered. Please tell your viewers.

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