Dr Oz: Near Death Experiences: Are They Real?


flower and sunDr Oz:  Do you believe in near death experiences?

Doctor Oz talked with some guests that clinically flat-lined and still miraculously came back to life.   Dr Oz said patients have stopped breathing, with no pulse, and although on the outside they were dead, on the inside they still felt alive.  He talked with patients that described fragments of their life flash by, and this is called a near death experience.  These experiences happen to 800 people in this country every day.



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    I had a near death experience in late 2001 prior to finally being granted hysterectomy after 13 years of suffering poor health and constant passing out. In my near death experience, angels told me that even though i did indeed need my hysterectomy, i had no right to have it as i was the chosen one to be a blood sacrifice for jesus christ. Jesus christ then told me that i had no right to have the operation as i am am unimportant member of society. However i rebelled and had my hysterectomy and then went on to experience the joys of being a loving aunty to my neighbour’s little boy, Mordred

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