Dr Oz: Neck Pain Causes & Cures: Capsaicin Cream & Neck Exercises


Dr Oz’s Best Shortcuts Ever show included some Neck Pain Quick Fixes.  Do you know what causes neck pain?  Do you know how to cure neck pain?  Doctor Oz said that the neck is made up of 7 bones.  There are ligaments that protect the spinal structure and nerves, which can cause tingling if you sleep the wrong way.  Your neck serves three main purposes – to support your skull and head – to protect your spinal cord – and to enable movement to occur. Dr Oz Capsaicin Cream

#1 Cause of Neck Pain – Muscle Strain

Dr Oz said that muscles strain is the number one cause of neck pain – not bone or nerve issues.  The muscles get tense and vulnerable when you strain them.  So this leads to the question – what is the number one reason we get muscle strain in our necks?  Dr Oz said that posture is the top reason for muscle strain in our neck.

Dr Oz: How to Check Your Posture:

Dr Oz said that to test if you have good posture, stand sideways and look in the mirror.  Now, put a piece of tape in the middle of your shoulder, another piece of tape in the middle of your hip and one final piece of tape on the middle of your ankle bone.  Next, take a string and touch it to the tape on your shoulder and the tape on your hips.  Look at where the string falls at the bottom, with respect to the tape on your ankle bone.  For ever inch that your string is away from the tape on your ankle bone, you are holding your head 1″ in front of your body too much, which makes your head feel heavier to your spine.  In fact, for each inch that your head is forward, your spine feels the impact of an extra 10 pounds.

Dr Oz: Neck Pain Exercises

Dr Oz said that when you get neck pain, many people think they should just work it out by rolling their head around their neck, but this can irritate your bones and strain your muscles.  Dr Oz already spoke about how to test if your posture is good or not, but one way to make sure that you have good posture while you sit at a desk is to tie a string to your belt and then to attach it to a button at the top of your shirt.  Whenever you look down and notice that the string is not perfectly straight and that it is sagging, you should sit up and correct your posture.  Another piece of advice Dr Oz gave for avoiding neck pain at work is to use a headset rather than holding the phone between your ear and your shoulder.

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