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Doctor Oz did a segment on Neck Pain.  What causes neck pain?  What are the best neck pain cures and treatments?  And what can we do to prevent getting neck pain in the first place?  Dr Oz said that 2/3 of us will have neck pain at some point in our lives.  Normally, your head lies o n top of your spine, like how a golf ball sits on a tee.  If the golf ball is pushed off center, and is not balanced on the tee, then this is symbolic of what happens when  you get neck pain and there is a change in tension in your neck.  Dr Oz said that human head weighs about 10 pounds, but if your head is not sitting straight on top of your spine, then it is as if your head weighs 100 pounds.  Ouch!  Neck Pain Home Remedy

Neck Pain Treatments

– Ibuprofen & Aspirin (of course)


  1. Lisa says

    Are there any neurological issues in regards to turning your neck and you get a surging/freezing pain/sensation? This pain has shot all the way to the nerves in my tongue. It’s a very painful and weird sensation. I’m afraid one day my neck will get stuck and I will be unable to move it. What can I do?

  2. Lisa says

    I sure hope so. I have this happen to me once in a blue moon. Most of the time, it feels like a freezing liquid shooting around the left or right of where my brain stem is. Most times, when that happens, I am too afraid to move my head until the freezing sensation stops. It feels very abnormal. I really have ignored it, just thinking it happens to everyone, thinking they just don’t talk about it. But maybe it’s just me or a select few. I really am hoping to get an experts opinion on this.

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