Dr Oz: Neem Oil, Almond Oil & Coconut Oil: India Hair Massage


Dr Oz: India Hair Remedies

In this segment, Dr Oz showed a picture of him and his wife on their vacation and told viewers how they were amazed at the hair of the women in India.  Dr Oz then introduced Shalini Vadhera, the author of “Passport to Beauty.”  Shalini stated that her late grandmother had several secrets to her beautiful jet black hair, that included an oil massage.


  1. Debbie Teesdale says

    I have tried to maneuver this website for the free pedometer & recipes of Nov. 7, 2011. Can’t seem to pull them up. I would like the pedometer & the recipes for the soup & wonton & berry dessert. I’ve just become a Huge fan of Dr. Oz. He speaks the language of everyday people.
    Please advise. I’m 58 years old… Take good care of myself, am not overweight, but still have normal health issues.
    Please tell Dr. Oz that not all health issues are related to overweight issues. What about Mytral Valve Prolapse…, bulging discs in a healthy 58 year old woman who has always
    exercised. Do NOT FORGET about us!!!


    Debbie TeesdLe
    4420 Shenandoah St.
    Dallas, TX. 75205
    If he wants

  2. Rita Deegan says

    Great Show, My son is starting to lose his Hair, and I was wondering if the Almond Oil treatment would help him. and my question to you, is can you tell me how many times
    a week should he wash his hair with the Almond Oil.
    Thanks, waiting for you answer Rita

  3. says

    Hello–This is the first time I have ever emailed any show–so let Dr. Oz know how very special he is. I wanted to know if all three oils have to be applied to clean hair, or if hairspray and mousse etc. would interfere. Also right before the next to last commercial break Shalini Vadhera said “prevents premature graying of the hair” She said it was her Grandmother’s secret, but then they never discussed it. There were three different items on the table, but it was not the oils. It was around 48 minutes into the show according to my dvr. Are they discussing this on an upcoming episode, or did they just run out of time? I would really appreciate any help you can give me. Have a blessed day, Melanie

  4. Joann says

    Hi, can you please tell me how often should I do the Indian hair remedy, and should I mix all 3 oils together? Thanks Joann

  5. Katherine Cady says

    How do I, use Need oil,Almond oil, Coconut oil in the hair. I’v tried everything for my girl’s hair.
    I’ve had hair cut, layered, did what the salons said. and still endup the same way a couple days or weekes later Plus my son, who’s hair is thinning. Thank you very much for your time.
    Thanks, Katherine

  6. Neva says

    How come on DR OZ or his website after he gives a product or substance to use a boost he or the web stie does NOT give us the right amount to use to make this hair thing (neem, almond & coconut oils)? How much do we put together? It’s a very simple question & many of us need a answer, so what’s up with that? HELP many of us on the site with this, it was asked and can’t find the answer! THANKS, NS

  7. says

    Hi Dr. Oz.
    Wrote on November 7th., In regards to how to use the oils. Neem, Almond, and Cocunut,
    How many times a week, and also do you wash it out with a regular shampoo . Thank you Enjoy your show everyday . Waiting for an answer in regards to this. Rita

  8. says

    I still cannot seem to log into to get a chance for the pedometer, and the recipes for the soup, and the wonton one, berry desert… thanks.. any help would be great… love this site, but having lots of problems… getting questions answered… Please return answers to my email address…

  9. Cookie Modica says

    Hi, I’m an African American can you please tell me how often should I do the Indian hair remedy, and should I mix all 3 oils together? and if so how much. I’m only interested in the almond oil so can I use this one by itself also do u wash it out with regular shampoo and followed by blow drying my hair and using a pressing comb/flat iron

  10. Susan Keller says

    Could you please tell me how often to do the India oil treatment, and do I mix all 3 together and if so how much of each

    Thank You

  11. Lizzie Washington says

    Hi , I have pernicious anemia and hypothyroidism. A few months ago I was having low levels with my vitamin d. My hair just started shedding a falling out. I was tested and my anemia and hypothyroidism was still under control, but I believe the low vitamin d insufficiency may have caused the severe hair loss. Now, it is under control and I am trying to find a hair product that will grow my hair back. Please help!!!

  12. says

    Almond Hair Oil is a non-sticky light hair oil with a mild fragrance. Dabur Almond Hair Oil is superior nourishment keeping hair 100% damage free through the nourishing power of Vitamin-E and specially extracted Almond Protein.

  13. Samjhana shrestha says

    Hi Dr. Oz

    I have product that help all answers to all question after shalini Vadhera show on Hair Loss.
    My product easier to use and fast action and last long effects. It contains herbal and oil and being use since forefather and i want to market this product and get benefit to all people who losing hair. People will like it and I am excited to make presentation in your show.
    Please let me know how can I be at your show. Looking forward .

  14. Ann ham says

    Hello your show 6/4/12 had an oil you put on hair sounds like anagon oil?what in the world was it thanks ann

  15. Jasmine says


    To answer all the questions above, you can mix all the oils together and its actually beneficial to do so as it will help promote healthy hair and scalp. I personally mix equal parts of almond oil, coconut oil and amla oil, so about 1/3 of each in a plastic bottle and then shake the bottle really well to mix all the oils. I also put about 10 to 15 drops of peppermint oil which also helps with hair growth by stimulating the hair follicules. I apply this mixture first to my scalp and then to the rest of the hair concentrating on the ends. There really is no specific amount of how much you should use, just use until the oil is evenly distributed in your hair and scalp and every inch is covered. If you have extra, you can just store it in a cool, dry place and it won’t turn bad or anything.

    You have to be consistent and I strongly suggest doing this about 1 to 2 times a week. It really does help make hair stronger, shinier and healthier.

  16. Jasmine says

    Also, all these oils can be found in an Indian grocery store. If you don’t have an Indian grocery store nearby, you can also find the coconut and almond oils and the peppermint oil at a health food store or GNC.

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