Dr Oz: Next Bioterror Weapon: Apocalyptic Virus of Small Pox


Doctor Oz spoke about the Next Bioterror Weapon: The Apocalyptic Virus called Small Pox.  Smallpox killed half a billion people, which is 3 times more people than people who have died in every war in the past century. Dr. Oz was joined by Col Randall Larsen, a Bioterror Analyst, and Bonnie Arquilla to discuss the threat of Small Pox as a Bioterrorist Weapon.  Next Bioterror Weapon: Apocalyptic Virus

Small Pox Symptoms:

People who get Small Pox have symptoms that start with feeling tired and achy – similar to the flu.  But then you develop a mysterious rash on your mouth and tongue, which soon spreads all over your body.  You will get painful lesions on your skin with Small Pox, and before you know it, you will be fighting for your life.

Small Pox History:

Dr Oz said that Small Pox is highly contagious and deadly. and your chance of survival with Small Pox is one in two.  Small Pox has not been in threat in the US for 50 years.  The last naturally occurring case of Small Pox was in Somalia.  In 1979, Small Pox was killed off, but we are still not safe from the threat.  America and Russia still have samples of small pox.

Small Pox: A Bioterror Weapon

If Small Pox was released on an airplane by a terrorist, it would be odorless and tasteless and could cause a major problem.  Colonel Randall Larsen said that a Small Pox attack would be a game changer for us, our kids and our grandchildren.  There is a low probability of a small pox attack, but a high consequence if there is one.  Doctor Oz said between 30% and 50% of patients die from Small Pox, and you are likely to be blind if you survive.  We know that Atlanta, Georgia and Russia have samples of Small Pox, but in the 1970’s and 1980’s we know that the Soviets turned Small Pox into weapons and had it loaded in missiles aimed at America.  We do not know where these Small Pox samples are now, but we suspect countries other than Russia and the US have the samples.  Plus, Dr Oz said the virus can be created from raw materials now too.

How Small Pox Works:

Doctor Oz said that Small Pox enters through your airway, and penetrates through a thin membrane where it can get into your lymph nodes.  At this point, you will get a fever, and the Small Pox goes into your blood system and into your skin.  Your skin will get infected cells and you will form the classic pox rash.  Small Pox will also cause harm inside your body by damaging your brain, lungs and kidneys.


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