Dr Oz: Nickel Allergy & Nickel Testing Kit

Dr Oz Nickel Skin Allergy

Doctor Oz did a segment on Nickel Allergies which can cause red, itchy skin irritation.  1 in 7 women suffer from Nickel Allergies, but do you know what everyday products contain nickel?  Dr Oz was joined by Dr Jordana S Gilman, a Dermatologist, to talk about a Nickel Allergy and how to test for nickel in products using a Nickel Testing Kit.  If you have a Nickel Allergy, I would also highly recommend reading this recap from another Dr Oz Show where he spoke about a product that you can apply to jewelry to protect yourself against nickel: Dr Oz: Nickel Guard

Dr Oz: Nickel Allergy

Dr Oz asked Dr Gilman how we can predict who has a Nickel Allergy, and she said that there is no way to predict it.  The allergy can appear from nowhere and can Dr Oz Nickel Test Kithappen to anyone at any time.  It is partially about a person’s age, because you have to first be pre-disposed to having a Nickel Allergy and then you have to be exposed to enough nickel for a long enough duration.  Often you will see symptoms of a Nickel Allergy though red, itchy, swollen skin or even blisters can form.  A lady from Doctor Oz’s audience said that when she was little, her hands would peel from her fingertips to the palm of her hands because of the metal handle on her lunchbox, which most likely had nickel in it.

Dr Oz: Nickel Allergy From Watches

One of the items with nickel in it are watches, because nickel is inexpensive and durable so it makes watches more affordable and last longer.  Dr Jordana Gilman said that she had a patient come in and complain about an allergy from her gold watch, and she wanted to know why she could wear it for years with no allergy and now all of a sudden it was causing a rash.  Dr Gilman said that often a gold watch is actually a nickel watch plated in gold, and when the plating rubs off, you are exposed to nickel.  The easiest solution to this problem is to replace the metal band with a leather or fabric band.  But if it is something special like a wedding band, then you should probably pay for it to be re-plated.

Dr Oz: Nickel Allergy From Cell Phones

Doctor Oz said that the second item with nickel in it are cell phones.  The lady from his audience said that perhaps that is why her ears get itchy and turn red!  Dr Gilman said that nickel in cell phones is usually found around the menu buttons, the lcd screen or by the logo.  The easy fix for Nickel Allergies caused by a cell phone is to buy a leather or plastic case for the cell phone or use a hands-free headset.

Dr Oz: Nickel Allergy From Belt Buckle

Dr Oz’s final items with nickel in it are belt buckles, buttons, snaps and zippers.  Dr Gilman said that you can get a Nickel Reaction even through fabric, which is why a nickel belt buckle can be a problem even though it does not directly touch your skin.  To fix this problem, switch to plastic buckles, buttons, snaps and zippers.

Dr Oz: Nickel Testing Kit

Doctor Oz asked how can a big metal toaster not have any nickel in it?  Dr Gilman said that toasters are usually made of stainless steel which can contain nickel, but we don’t often touch toasters for long enough for it to make a difference.  If you are worried about an item though, you can get a Nickel Spot Test Kit for $20 or less to test for nickel.  You just take a q-tip and place two drops of two different solutions from the Nickel Testing Kit onto the q-tip, then wipe it onto the item for 15-20 seconds.  If the cotton swab turns pink then it contains nickel.


  1. Deborah Burstein says

    I have 21 surgical clips inside my body when I told a top surgeon I was allergic. He told me he needed to insert 1 tiny clip and yelled at me to trust him. He didn’t use the metal on the wound however he removed negative lymph nodes under my insructions not to touch level 2.
    I have not been well for over 21 months classic symptoms of metal allergy. I was tested and got reactions to polladium chloride and gold and 2+ for nickel. I have been very ill and went to an allergist who said no one will admit to this. I need them out and they are in the axilla area and sternum. I went for my own xrays not 1 tiny clip. No one wants to help me the nurse tells me it’s emotional then I go for my own x ray. Rashes internal itching impaired walk . What do you suggest I went to a hospital for the test and got a reaction they ignored me.
    The clips must come out I am willing to risk my life for a surgeon who wouldn’t listen to me.
    How dangerous is it for them to be removed.? I am never giving up until someone can help me. Thank you

  2. Kathy says

    I’m with you! I have a total knee replacement of nickel that they put in without even asking about possible metal allergies and it has remained painful, disabling and I can’t walk for more than 15 minutes at a time. I’ve also since developed fibromyalgia and know with every fiber of my being that the replacement is the cause! Just yesterday I got a fantastic response from a gal that helped her mother back to health with the same problem and she will be of great assistance to you, I’m sure! Here is the response I got from her:
    (I just purchased her book “Steel Standing” from Amazon and can’t wait to read it!)
    ■Christa Davis on March 11th, 2013 12:34 am

    My mother was diagnosed with Inflammatory Myopathy. It was a very odd diagnosis since she had been extremely healthy and vibrant her entire life. Then I began doing research just like SO many people on this blog have done because she began to have pain in her knee replacement. I found notes I kept that stated she began to have hand and arm weakness AFTER her knee replacement in July 2006. In March 2006, she had a hip replacement. I checked with her original orthopedic surgeon to learn that both of her joint replacements were Cobalt-Chromium-Nickel. After many visits, we found another orthopedic surgeon that listened to my theory. I believed if the “types” of metals were revised, then her health would rebound. He agreed there was a chance of hope. He did her knee revision to a Titanium implant. Then she had a MELISA.org blood allergy test. She was allergic to Cobalt and Nickel metals. Her hip also began having a great deal of pain, so it was revised to Titanium. Her Inflammatory Myopathy is no longer causing her health to decline. She couldn’t pick up a glass and she’s back to driving, etc. I wrote a book telling her story with the medical sources I found in the United Kingdom. They have had an orthopedic data registry for over 30 years. The U.S. did not start one until May 2011 and it’s not up and running yet. The book is called “Steel Standing.” I wrote it to help others realize metal allergies are not SO rare. The medical facts are credible and listed in the book. Her medical case was deemed a medical breakthrough by the University of Alabama in Birmingham on Feb 17, 2012, because her Inflammatory Myopathy began reversing when she was able to “regrow” new muscle tissue. Previously, she was given NO hope except steroids which has terrible side effects. I knew new in my gut I could not give up on helping my mother find out what was wrong with her. She is a walking miracle. I do feel for each of you have any small signs to huge dilemmas especially when orthopedics are telling patients that there is no health problem associated with a metal implant. We learned the hard way. I wish you all the best.

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