Dr Oz: Nickel Guard & 3 Dangerous Fashion Trends

Doctor Oz did a segment on 3 dangerous fashion trends that we should all be cautious of.  From nickel jewelry, to tight jeans, to headbands, you could be causing your body damage without even knowing it! Dr Oz Rubber Band Jeans Trick

Nickel Guard for Nickel Jewelry

Dr Oz said that people can get rashes and even blisters from wearing nickel jewelry, because it can cause allergic reactions.  In severe cases where you get blisters that leak fluid, you actually have to go to a doctor for this.  Dr Oz said that if you do have a nickel allergy, you can get something called Nickel Guard for $20 that creates a barrier between your skin and the nickel jewelry so that you do not get an allergic reaction.  I could swear that I read somewhere that a thick coat of clear fingernail polish does the same thing, but I have never tried either one since I don’t seem to have allergies to nickel.

Rubber Band Waist Extender for Tight Jeans

Dr Oz said that tight jeans can cause constipation and digestion problems.  Food travels through your intestine throughout the day, and if you have a tight band across your stomach, it can make it very hard for the poop to flow through the intestine.  This is why tight jeans can cause sever abdominal pain and cramps.  One solution is to use a waistband extender, or to use a rubber band to extend the waist of your jeans.  This rubber band waist extender is such a great tip!  You wrap one end of the rubber band around the jeans button twice, then you push the rubber band through the hole of the jeans and wrap the end around the button again.

Tight Headbands are Dangerous

Dr Oz said that tight headbands can lead to headaches and migraines.  So you should switch from hard plastic headbands to the ones that are made of a wide piece of cloth, because these do not put all of the pressure on the sides of your head.


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    Thank you for mentioning Nickel Guard on your site.

    Unlike clear nail polish, Nickel Guard is clinically proven barrier for nickel and does not contain formaldehyde, toluene, or dibutyl phthalate which can sensitize and cause a secondary contact dermatitis—a new rash to new chemicals! If you already have sensitive skin, it is important to be careful what comes in contact with your skin.

    If you would like to know what jewelry contains nickel BEFORE you wear it and develop a rash, we have a nickel test kit, Nickel Alert that quickly tells if nickel is in jewelry before your skin does.

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