Dr. Oz: Nightly Bedtime Ritual to Rejuvenate & Keep You Young

Dr. Oz showed us his home and his nightly bedtime ritual to rejuvenate and keep himself young (did anyone else notice his gorgeous, crystal light fixture in his bathroom?).  So how does Dr. Oz turn back the clock while he sleeps?  First, he brushes his teeth for two minutes, because that is how long it takes to brush your teeth and it is best if your teeth are exposed to fluoride for that entire time.  Dr. Oz uses an Electric Toothbrush, which cleans your teeth the best and also automatically times you so that you know you are brushing for the full two minutes.  After you brush your teeth, make sure to floss and clean between your teeth where the toothbrush cannot get to.  Then wash your face with soap, and put a glass of water next to your bed to help you keep hydrated.

Dr. Oz’s 4 Ways to Turn Back the Clock While You Sleep

1. Moisturize Your Face

Karen from Philadelphia helped with this tip.  And especially in cold windy places like Philly, your skin can get aged quickly from the weather.  When you go to sleep at night, you should think about the type of soap you use and how to moisturize afterwards.  Look for buzzwords like moisturizing, hydrating & emollient.

2.  Prevent Wrinkles With Vitamin A

You can prevent wrinkles by using Vitamin A Moisturizer at night, because it will not get oxidized by the sun since you will be asleep in bed.  Vitamin A Moisturizer is particularly important to help your skin rejuvenate and keep yourself young.

3.  Hydrate At Night with a Humidifier

You should keep hydrated all day and night.  At night, especially during the winter months, you should keep yourself hydrated by using a Humidifier.

4.  Take Vitamins at Night Too!

You should take 1/2 of your vitamins in the morning and 1/2 of your vitamins at night.  By taking 1/2 of your vitamins in the evening, your skin will be busy rejuvenating from the inside out, all night long!

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