Dr Oz: Nike Free Footwear & 11 Week Plan for Weight Loss

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Dr Oz: Nike Free Footwear & 11 Week Plan for Weight Loss

By on January 3, 2011

As part of the Dr Oz 11 Week Diet Plan, Dr Oz gave a total overview of his 11 Week Weight Loss Challenge.  Plus, Doctor Oz gave everyone in his audience a free pair of Nike Free Footwear.  I will tell you how you can enter Dr Oz’s Free Nike Giveaway below!

Dr Oz’s 11 Week Plan:

Week 1 – Every tool you need to get started will be online and available for free. Dr Oz Free Nike Shoes

Week 2 – Learn how to personalize a diet that is just right for you.

Weeks 3 & 4 – Tackle diet pitfalls from stress to night eating.

Weeks 5 & 6 – Detox from Sugar Addiction.

Weeks 7 & 8 – Break through your weight loss plateau.

Week 9 – Cheat Week – Yes, you read that correctly – Dr Oz’s 11 Week Diet Plan even has a cheat week!

Week 10 – Learn how to maintain weight loss for a lifetime.

Week 11 – You have made it and transformed the way you eat!  You can be sure that Dr Oz will have a show to feature the new you with a bunch of people who have lost tons of weight on his 11 Week Weight Loss Challenge.

Dr Oz: Free Nike Giveaway

Nike is teaming up with Dr Oz for the 11 Week Diet Plan and so Nike gave everyone in Dr Oz’s audience a pair of Nike Free Footwear, which mimic the foot’s natural movement.  If you are one of the first 2011 people to signup tomorrow (starting at 3 PM EST), you will win a free pair of Nike Free Footwear.  So click here tomorrow at 3 pm EST for you chance to win a pair of Free Nike Shoes!

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Comments to Dr Oz: Nike Free Footwear & 11 Week Plan for Weight Loss

  1. Eric Williams says:

    Free Shoes 8

  2. Clare Weingarden says:

    I have been all over the net to sign up for this 11 week program All I see is fast food coupons, join our fan list. and read my tweets. Why do you allow fast foods on your site when you promote health first. Going through this busy site for well over an hour I certainly will not be in the first 2011 but I started at 418 pounds and am now down to 197 pounds. I eat NO sweets since 11.9.2009 and not giving up lays potato chips and white bread. I would like to get down to 129. Not sure how much I should weigh. To bad I missed out. It could of been fun. Also it says put in your address down not your email. Not sure if it is a typo. Clare~

  3. Hi Clare,

    Hope this helps to make it easier to sign up.

    Go to http://www.doctoroz.com- Click on “Move it and lose it” blue tab to your left.
    Now on next page scroll down to green box that says “Join Dr. Oz’s Move It or Lose It”, below in that box click here to register today. After you complete the registry I am told you will receive an email tomorrow by noon to get started.

  4. sign me up for the program ,,,,i need help with losing all these unwanted pounds..deseprate gloria

  5. Bluemymind says:

    Does anyone know how to change the settings under the “Write a Comment box”? In the box tab where it is listed “Website” I accidentally put the wrong website and it is not allowing me to change it. Many Thanks.

  6. Please disregard previous comment, fixed the problem with comment box. Thanks

  7. Has anyone actually received the email from this 11 Week Program to allow you to get started? I got a confirmation email saying I’d be sent another email shortly to help me get started… and nothing has arrived. :(

  8. Help get me started on this 11 week prograham diet of DR Oz

  9. ophelia hilliard says:

    ophelia shose 8/12

  10. ophelia hilliard says:

    get me start on the the progam

  11. Sherry Robertson says:

    Why can’t I get on to get a free pair of shoes?

  12. I’ve been trying also with no luck. There is no registration form and I’ve been trying since it was 3.

  13. I was typing my information in at 2:59 but despite 7 tries, I just got “webpage not available” error messages. Bummer.

  14. I can’t enter the Nike Contest either??

  15. janice Harris says:

    I have been trying since 2pm central time to log in to register but it’s syaing the website is not avaaible

  16. Do you think they put on the wrong time zone? I have been trying to enter since 10 of 3. Frustrating!

  17. This free shoe giveaway was a joke! Nobody could even access the registration form for a chance to even win!

  18. I have been trying since 3 and can not get to the information either.

  19. Pat Power says:

    Would appreciate it if the Dr. would correctly state that prizes awarded online are not available for all of his viewers but only those in the United States are eligible and not those of us who live in Canada. I presume the viewers in Canada are too few in number to be concerned. But I would have appreciated knowing upfront that if I would be wasting my time attempting to enter the Nike contest. Would it be too much to ask that he state that residents of Canada need not apply? How about putting if upfront on the website so that when we go there for a timed promotion such as Nike’s we can see that we need not bother?

  20. Nate the Great says:

    I got through the registration but dunno if that means I will get a pair or not?


  22. I had 3 screens open and continously hit the refresh button since 2:59 est. It just came up saying “we’re sorry you missed the give away” — Are you serious? Did anyone actually get thru?

  23. nicefemale says:

    i can’t get though either..is it a canada thing or what?..

  24. Clare Weingarden says:

    Ditto on that Shannon. I spent liek 2 hours trying to get through. I started during the show. Clare~

  25. Faye Betzler says:

    I am very disappointed. Rushed home to get online by 3EST to sign up for free Nikes. Couldn’t get through. What’s up?

  26. Nate the great says:

    Like I said up above. I got through it all and it said thank you for registering withe the free giveaway. But dunno if they only let enough people register that they have shoes for or not. So just cause I got through I might not get a pair.

  27. I have gotten the same “we are almost ready come back at 3″ screen since 2:58 it is 4:20 and still I get we are almost ready?

  28. I did get through the Nike Giveaway and completed the form, hit submit but then received an error message. Bummed me out, I did send a message to the tech people to let them know.
    On another note, I wanted to share the c&p email I received yesterday below from “Move it Lose it 11week program”. I have not received another email from them as of yet. Has anyone else received anything?


    Thank you very much for joining the Dr. Oz’s 11 Weeks to Move it and lose it in 2011 program. We received your information and are setting up your account. You will be receiving an email shortly to confirm when your account has been activated and further instructions on how to get started on this revolutionary diet and fitness program.

    For any other questions regarding the program, please reach
    out to challenge@sharecare.com.

  29. Does anyone know how we are notified if we were lucky enough to get the free Nike’s?

  30. Carole trepanier says:

    Have been trying for over three hours to access some form to fill out for the Nike shoes.
    Started at 2:59 in Ontario and have re-tried over 23 times since. it is now 6:11pm…no luck no information.
    the only informatin comming up states: We’re almost ready!
    I really don’t appreciate being mis-lead!!!

  31. i also received an email yesterday saying congratulations and they’d be sending me an email shortly. still nothing.

  32. I’m really pissed off…I looked all over this site trying to find out if Canadians are excluded from this…then I wasted more time entering to find out after that we are excluded… WTF Dr Oz!!! And Nike!!! What a poorly run giveaway…

  33. I take it back… Now Canadians might be eligible…I wish it was clear!

  34. I just received a response from support team with Win it Lose it program, copied&pasted below.

    Thank you for contacting the Support Team. We are glad to help. Once your account is activated by our team, you will receive an e-mail notification with information on how to get started. Please note that this will happen within the next few days, and that you will not be able to login until you receive this e-mail, and that attempting to login before you receive this notification will result in an error message stating you have entered an invalid email.

    No further action is required on your part in the meantime. Please check your e-mail regularly for notification that your account is active and more information on how to get started.

    Thank You for your patience,
    The Support Team

  35. Ooops I meant “Move it Lose it”, long day.

  36. I am one who signed up for Dr. Oz 11 weeks and got no reply! Kind of rude I think.

  37. jim jammer says:

    I am wanting to organize a protest for this being such a bad thing. I think it could be a government conspiracy to get all the information on fat people so that they can come to our houses and mandate that we don’t eat. I don’t understand why they require a home address to sign up for the program! Only thing I can think of is that they will be harvesting us fatties to the government.

  38. Have not received my email stating that I was registered either………………………………………………..what’s wrong with this???????
    If they TRULY want us to get motivated and use the 11 week plan, why can’t we even get an email????????

  39. We registered yester day morning for the 11 week program and have not received an email yet confirming registration or how to get started with new Dr. Oz 11 weed diet program …. What is going on?

  40. Have not received confirmation email from the 11 Week Dr. Oz program. Regiisted Yesterday morning. What is going on. Has the program started yet. Does i start next week?

  41. I think this was poorly organized, not sure if they were not expecting this large of a turnout and their system was not prepared to handle it or if something else is causing it. I guess this is what you get for free.

  42. I have tried to register numerous times for the 11 week challenge and even recieved an email with a link but when I put in my email address it told me it was an ‘invalid email” address – how can that be when they had just sent me an email. I am very dissapointed with the Dr Oz show – I agree that I guess this is what you get when it’s free!!! I think they could at least give an explanation on their webiste as to the reason for the delay.

  43. I too am disappointed from not receiving any confirmation from the information that was requested. I feel somewhat scammed from what I have been reading. I wonder what it would take if people in the audience at a live show would speak up or loudly protest the poor customer services with the Dr.’s. name on the line. I don’t give a hoot about he free tennis shoes… I watch Dr. Oz each day and nothing on national television is being said by him or his staff about what ever is going on with getting started. Swamped or Scammed… I’ll wait and see, for now. My beliefs in Dr. Oz as a person has been weakened… Speak up, be heard!

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  45. I finally got an email to with a userid and password to get started. Thank you

  46. I registered for the free pair of shoes. I haven’t received anything yet. Just wondering how soon I could expect them?

  47. i was just wondering when and if im going to hear any thing about the free nike giveaway from dr.oz i registered but noy yet heard anything yet will u please contact me.

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