Dr Oz: No Excuse Exercise Workout & Hearing Loss Test from Pain Pills


Dr Oz: Is Hearing Loss Treatable?

Dr Oz talked about the connections from a new study that found Pain Relievers cause hearing damage. He also recommended some alternative headache remedies. But what else can you do to protect your hearing? Find out why preventative measures such as sound isolating earphones are your best bet.

Bonnie from the audience said she experiences all the symptoms, such as trouble hearing in a crowded place, and even ringing in her ears. Dr Craig Kasper said Bonnie and others need to know they could be at risk for hearing loss.

Dr Oz: Hearing Loss Causes

Dr Oz: Hearing Loss Cochlea Test & Sound Isolating Earphones Review

Dr Oz talked about hearing health exams like the Cochlea Test; preventative measures like Sound Isolating Earphones protect hearing.

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