Dr Oz: No Kid Hungry & Fighting Hunger In Your Community!


Dr Oz: Fighting Hunger In the Community

Doctor Oz did a segment on How Hunger Harms Children and then brought onto his show Pam, a teacher in the Winston, NC area. The first time she realized her students were hungry was when she heard two of her students discussing how thin their moms were because they couldn’t afford to feed their children and eat themselves.


  1. john says

    Great segment! What are people doing to fight this embarrassing & debilating problem in our country? We cook & feed the homeless every Monday morning here in Orlando, Florida. Our infamous mayor, Buddy Dyer (Muddy Liar), has determined that it is illegal to feed more than 20 people at a time. How does that make any sense when there are millions of hungry people in this country? Especially, now that Central Florida has been labeled the worst place for hungry people?

  2. Linda Chiki says

    Just wanted to say that your program was good today. I also wanted to say that I use to be in the food lines for government free food. I also went to food banks and was on food stamps when my kids were little. When you were talking about the food programs in the schools. I wanted to let you know that here in Athens Ohio we do have the breakfast and lunch programs for the kids. But here is a big problem. The free breakfast is only for the grade school kids and middle school kids. When they reach the high school there is no program. In my classroom we had to ask for cereal and snacks to be sent to our room to feed our class. We have kids from the poorest areas in the school district, and we try to not only feed them but give them clothes to wear. This is so they are ready for class and ready to learn. In the summer I know there are lunch programs for these kids but if they do not have a way to get to the location that is serving the food they don’t get the food. I feel this is why the summer programs do not have as much participation in it. If you don’t have money for food then most of the time you don’t have the money for the gas to get to the food. At our church this year we gave away food to any family that wanted it. The sad part was that we ran out of food before we ran out of people. The families were lined up outside the building hours before we opened the doors. We also have went door to door giving out free bags of food to families that needed it. We try to do this in the summer so that at least one or two times a month families have something to eat. I have watch many people cry when the food was delivered because there was no food in the house for them. Even though we are a university town if you drive just 5 miles outside the town there are many many poor living on what they can. We are not the poorest county in the state but we are in the top 10 in that area. I know that we are doing some things but we are not doing enough for these young minds and bodies.

  3. Tiffany says

    This show broke my heart! This Holiday season I will be donating to my local food bank as well as dropping off non-perishable items in the food drive bins that are located around my neighborhood. I’m going to spread the word about the free breakfast and lunch programs offered at school. Dr Oz, will you do a follow up show after the holidays to continue to shine a light on this problem. More healthy, inexpensive kid meal ideas please.

  4. Rosalee Adams says

    I find this heartbreaking. It is also a poignant reminder of things my mother told me when she was growing up. They grew up in a working poor family. Her father worked but had it not been for the garden her other grew they would have not had anything on the table.
    Her mother was also knowledgeable about use of beans and baked bread, but like so many families now, they were too proud to seek any sort of assistance from anyone.
    It is sad that in this nation so many go to bed hungry at night.

  5. francesca says

    hi, I’m from sngapore. I guess we get the Dr Oz shows pretty late.
    Was shocked and saddened after watching the episode on hungry
    kids . i want to make a small donation of usd50 as often as I can.
    I would like to start right away. How do I go about doing this?

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