Dr Oz: Noni Fruit Anti-Aging Properties & Chris Kilham

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Dr Oz: Noni Fruit Anti-Aging Properties & Chris Kilham

By on September 28, 2010

Doctor Oz did a segment on the Anti-Aging Secrets of Noni Fruit.  Noni has potent anti-aging properties than can help you look younger AND live longer too, sounds pretty good to me!  Dr Oz brought the Medicine Hunter Chris Kilham on his show to talk about the benefits of the Noni Fruit.  Kilham goes to foreign cultures and identifies traditional remedies because he believes that nature provides cures for everything and he wants to make sure that people have access to nature’s remedies.  I actually love Noni Juice and recently wrote a review of a fabulous juice I have been drinking that contains Noni Juice, you can read my review here: Noni Juice Review.  I am also a huge fan of Natural Home Remedies, so I love when Dr Oz does these types of segments! Dr Oz Noni Juice

Noni Fruit’s Anti-Aging Properties

Chris said that Noni Fruit contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that can prevent cancer and other medical conditions.  Noni is a traditional Polynesian Remedy, and apparently the word “Noni Fruit” means Cheese Fruit, which comes from its cheesy smell.

Noni Fruit: Heart Cures

Chris Kilham told Dr Oz that Noni’s antioxidants prevent oxidation of fats in the blood, which reduces your risk of heart attacks, stroke and Atherosclerosis.

Noni Fruit: Pancreas Cures

Kilham said that Noni stabilizes blood sugar and insulin, so can be helpful for pre-Diabetes or even people with Diabetes.

Noni Fruit: Joint Pain

Kilham told Dr Oz that the anti-inflammatory properties of the Noni Fruit help to reduce swelling and pain in your joints so that you can feel more mobile and flexible.

What is the bottom line though?  Is Noni Fruit the cure-all for everything?  Kilham told Dr Oz that Noni Fruit is good for you, but it is unlikely to make your Lupus or Cancer disappear.  Compounds in Noni have been shown to have anti-cancer properties and tumor fighting properties, but you cannot make the leap to saying Noni will cure cancer.

Dr Oz did a taste test of Pure Noni Juice and said it tastes a bit sour and a lot like cheese.  You should consume 2-4 ounces of Noni Juice each day, and make sure that you have pure Noni Juice, not mixed with grape juice.  Also, you do not want pasteurized Noni Juice.

Noni Fruit: Skin

Noni is also great for the outside of your body and to keep you looking young, because the same anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients that are good for the inside of your body are also helpful for the outside of your body.  Noni can help reduce redness, roughness and chapping of your skin, plus Noni can act as an emollient to make your skin smooth.

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Comments to Dr Oz: Noni Fruit Anti-Aging Properties & Chris Kilham

  1. Where can you buy the Noni soap that was talked about on the Sept 28 episode??

  2. Hi. I’m Chris’ wife. So cool that you have this page. Thanks!

  3. Diane Crawford says:

    Please tell me where I can purchase the noni jucie. Thank you for a life safeing tips great show as always enjoy your day Di

  4. Hello,
    I saw yesterday on the dr oz show about noni juice and soap. where could I purchase these exact items seen on the show? I googled it and found similiar items but not exactly and I want to make sure I get the same thing that dr oz and chris said to get

  5. Hi Zoe! So happy to have you join us :)

  6. Diane, here is one place that you can buy Noni Juice

    Karen, here is one place where you can buy Noni Soap

    Hope this helps! I have not actually tried either product yet, so I cannot vouch for either one. If anyone has already tried Noni Soap or Noni Juice, please do chime in with your opinions!

  7. The noni juice from the website above has white grape juice. Chris said not to use that. Any other suggestions?

  8. Diane, here is one that looks better actually: 100% Pure Noni Juice… good point!

  9. Karen Collins says:

    I would also like to know where I can buy Noni soap. Went on line but not sure, which Co. to trust.


  10. Is the a differece between the Tahitian Noni and Hawaiian Noni?


  11. Marie, I’m sure there is a difference, but I am not yet well versed on the topic of Noni. I will be doing an article on Noni over the next few weeks though, after I try a few Noni juices, and I will post a link here when it is complete!

  12. Marie, Noni grown in tropical regions ,most notably Pacific Islands will have a similiar composition. To answer your question, the same species of Noni in Hawaii will be found in Tahiti but the processing and harvesting is where there is significant difference. There tends to be more accountability with Taitian Noni, as there is a company that has exclusive rights to harvest Noni from there. This means the bottle you purchased can be traced all the way back to the certified person who hand-picked the fruit and determined it suitable for consumption. Moreover, this Noni has been most studied via numerous lab and human clinical trials to determine efficacy and medicinal properties. Because of the science focuse on Tahitian Noni, along with continued investment in the R & D of it, only Noni from Tahiti is listed in the Physician Desk Reference PDR.
    Hopefully, this answered your question.

  13. Make sure it is CERTIFIED ORGANIC, folks!

  14. My mother has bad kidneys, arthritis, high blood pressure which she is taking prescription drugs for, and an irregular heartbeat. I read on a couple websites that Noni Juice is bad for the kidneys. Is that true?? She took a dose of Noni the other day, and it relieved her arthritis pain for a night, enabling her to get a good night’s sleep for the first time in quite a while.

  15. Misty Kiser says:

    I use 100% pure Noni juice from a company called Genesis Pure. They have some other juices that have some great benefits as well such as Goji, Mangosteen, and Acai berry. They are all 100% pure.

  16. is there such a thing as noani soap to use on my skin. does it also have benefits to rid the skin of brown spots caused by the sun? do i use the juice on my skin????

  17. Hello out there—! Anyone who loves Dr. Oz and the Medicine Hunter should know about this!

    “Inspired and clear, The Five Tibetans makes a worthy contribution to body-mind wellness and longevity.” – Dr. Mehmet Oz

    Christopher S. Kilham, in partnership with Inner Traditions, is proud to announce this new edition of this popular yoga classic.

    ■Provides illustrated instructions for the five yogic exercises known as the Five Tibetans
    ■Includes a new chapter on the author’s continued devotion to this daily practice, even during his extensive worldwide travels
    ■Explains how regular practice of these postures relieves muscle tension and nervous stress, improves digestion, strengthens the cardiovascular system, tunes and energizes the chakras, and leads to deep relaxation and well-being

  18. sir is noni juice good for health of both married and unmarried women.i am very much intrested in knowing about noni juice.what is the cost of pure noni juice and from where we can buy noni juice

  19. where can we get noni soap and cream for body and face.are noni capsules available

  20. Forgot to mention Noni capsules as well.

  21. I have started taking Pure Genesis Noni. My problem is the taste. I am having a very big problem getting it down no matter what I put it in. Does anyone have any suggestions on what might help the taste.

  22. Walmart carries Noni hell capsules. Packaged under the Spring Valley supplement co. $7.98 at my location. 500 mg./serving. 120 capsules / bottle. Directions are to take 2/ day, preferably with food. Is there any known benefits to taking 500 mg. Per day? I don’t know the equivalent to the juice intake.

  23. Hi, my brother have brain cancer right now , he’s already drink noni juice but not pure, my question is which more good the 1oo % organic pure noni juice or the noni juice is already mix with other fruit. How many ml he must drink the pure one a day if he drink the mix noni how many ml or oz /day with his condition. Thank you

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