Dr Oz: Nook Color Giveaway & How To Age-Proof Your Mind

As part of Dr Oz’s Watch & Win Hour, Doctor Oz gave tips for how to Age-Proof Your Mind including how to Stave Off Alzheimer’s, Age Related Memory Loss, how to Improve Concentration and how to Boost Your Mood.  Best of all, Dr Oz is doing a free giveaway of a Nook Color from Barnes and Noble!  I will tell you below how you can enter for a chance to win Dr Oz’s Free Nook Color Giveaway!

Dr Oz: Age Related Memory Loss & Alzheimer’s Disease

Dr Oz said gave some tips for how to age-proof your mind.  First, you have to understand how your memory works.  Have you ever gone to do something and forgotten completely what Dr Oz Watch & Win Houryou are doing or why you were doing it?  Dr Oz said that Age-Related Memory Loss is when you have trouble remembering important things over and over again.  Deep in your brain is a part of the brain called the Hippocampus, which is named after a seahorse because of its shape.  Brain Cells talk to each other and the Hippocampus has a special role.  When you make a memory, it gets passed to brain cells and stored in your Hippocampus.  If you go to a party and it takes you a while to remember a person’s name, it is because it slowly being retrieved from your Hippocampus.  This is not a big problem in the long term because you eventually recall the person’s name, but with Alzheimer’s Disease, the brain cells get strangled so that the Hippocampus can’t even receive the message that you are trying to recall a memory.  If you have Alzheimer’s Disease, you cannot even remember what it is that you are trying to remember.  Dr Oz said to keep your mind active and to stave off Alzheimers Disease, puzzles are valuable for your brain to push off age related memory loss.  Do a crossword puzzle at least 4 times per week and you can reduce Dementia by 50%.  And guess what?  You can do crossword puzzles on Barnes & Nobles’ Nook Color!

Dr Oz: Fish Oil Improves Concentration

Dr Oz’s second secret to keeping your mind young is all about improving your concentration.  Do you ever sit there and you just cannot focus, think straight or even see straight?  Neurons are tube-like structures that carry messages to your brain.  If you break through the insulation of your neurons, then you start to get short circuits in your brain which prevent you from thinking clearly.  What can you do about this?  Dr Oz said that you can cope with the damage of stress and protect your neurons with Fish Oil found in salmon and mackerel, because cold water fish have oils that are valuable to our brain to help insulate our neurons.  Olive oil is also a great source of health fats.  Every cell in your brain and body are made up of these healthy fats.

Dr Oz: Ashwagandha Tea & SAMe Boost Your Mood

Dr Oz said that his third secret to Age-Proof Your Mind is to boost your mood.  When women go through menopause they get hot flashes and wake-up throughout the night.  Dr Oz said that so many women have difficulty sleeping but do not associate it with their hormonal fluctuations.  When you have estrogen fluctuations you can get anxiety, stress and a decrease in dopamine.  Dr Oz said that Ashwagandha Tea comes from a shrub found in India and it helps your cells to survive difficult times and it manages your cortisol.  You should drink 2 cups of Ashwagandha Tea to see the best results.  Dr Oz also suggested taking SAMe (pronounced “Sammy”) because it helps to stimulate your feel good hormones.  Another good tip is to eat foods rich in Folic Acid like bananas, okra and lentils.

Dr Oz: Free Nook Color Giveaway

Dr Oz’s biggest secret to keeping your mind young forever is to use Barnes and Nobles Nook Color to read your favorite books, to read magazines and newspapers, to play crossword puzzles and even chess.  600 people at home will also have the chance to win a Free Nook Color by going here on Monday February 7 2011 at 3 pm ET!


  1. Eva says

    On website 2pm sharp. Still has not gone through. It’s 2:10pm. Not fair. Wanted magic bullet blender. Pillow came up, said form not available.

  2. Eva says

    Wanted that nook color. Did everything right but site said Internet explorer cannot display the website. No matter what I do, different things appear and no gifts for home audience available. I am a huge dr oz fan. I would have expected the lines to be clogged but I certainly didn’t think it would be disorganized and a source of stress, and all to no avail. Whoever did this for Dr Oz show did not plan properly or do what was necessary to make this a successful event. Yes, you’ll see how many people are watching the show and you’ll have people remember the product names but this cannot possibly have done anything good, the way it’s handled, for dr oz fans or for the products. I feel cheated and I’m sure others must as well. Dr. Oz you’re fabulous but please don’t try this again if your peripheral people don’t have the same work ethic you do. Everything was NOT in place for this event.

  3. Joe says

    Lame the link to the free nook went down 2 mins before 12pm PT and never came back up. website dont work. LIES!

  4. says

    I want the free giveaway items. All of them I was on in time not my falt the sights were messed up. fair is fair. call me when they are to be shipped. 352-231-0491

  5. Oh Please says

    People, you are not entitled to anything. It was a CHANCE to win, not a promise. Of course millions of people, including myself, tried to get these free items and the sites couldn’t handle the traffic. A very lucky few probably did get through.

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