Dr. Oz: Nosebleed Know How – Home Remedies & Tips for Nosebleeds


Doctor Oz said that if you are getting nosebleeds, they could be the sign of something important, so don’t ignore nosebleeds!  Dr. Oz also gave some great tips for what to do if you get a nosebleed and how to prevent nosebleeds.

Reasons for Nosebleeds

1.  Common Colds


  1. Mic says

    My 9 year old son just had a nosebleed. He has allergies and has nose bleeds every once in a while. Just like Dr. Oz has said ” very messy, but looks worse then it is.” We used to tilt the head back like we had always been taught, but then heard Dr. Oz suggesting not to do that. I just couldn’t remember his alternative suggestion, so while my son held his head over the bathroom sink and got a kick out of watching the blood drip from his nose I got on to this website. We tried the pressure on the upper gum,suggested in #2. And it really does work!! Make sure to explain this to your kids so that they always have a quick and easy way to help themselves.
    P.S. My 76 year old father in law lives with us and he is a big fan, he watches every afternoon!

  2. Julius Walter says

    I had a question about the glycerine that was recommended to help stop nosebleeds. Is it just pure vegetable glycerine that can be used or is there something else with it? Please let me know. This request is on behalf of Ms. Tanya Lang from Philadelphia Pa.

  3. says

    Julius (on behalf of Ms. Tanya Lang) – I believe that Dr Oz said to apply a glycerine lotion, check your local drugstore (I have seen several options around). Hope that helps!

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