Dr Oz: Nuttzo & Best Of The Best Contests to Win Free Trips


Dr Oz Giveaways September 19 2011:

Dr Oz’s Best of The Best Show included five great giveaway contests to win free trips to meet some of his top experts.  Plus, 1000 people will have the opportunity to win a jar of Nuttzo, which is a seven nut seed butter that Doctor Oz says is much healthier than regular peanut butter.  Below are recaps of all of Dr Oz’s Contests along with links to enter them!

Dr Oz: Dr Andrew Weil Giveaway

Dr Oz is giving away a five day and four night stay at Miraval Resort and Spa in Arizona.  You will get a chance to meet with Dr Andrew Weil and Jim Nicolai.  All you have to do is write a 300 word (or less) essay on why you would benefit from this trip, and Doctor Oz will pick one winner.  You can enter the Dr Weil Miraval Contest here.

Win Lunch With Dr Oz

Doctor Oz’s second contest is to win a lunch with the great doctor himself!  Plus, you will get to attend a taping of the Dr Oz Show and go backstage.  You can finally ask all of the pressing questions you’ve been wanting to ask Dr Oz during your one-on-one time with him at lunch.  To enter the Win Lunch With Dr Oz Contest, you have to write 300 words (or less) about why you are Dr Oz’s biggest fan… surely I should win this, no?!?!  You can enter the Dr Oz Lunch Contest here.

Dr Oz: Frederic Fekkai & Bobbi Brown Makeover Giveaway

Dr Oz’s third contest is a total makeover by Frederic Fekkai and Bobbi Brown.  Fekkai said he would be giving someone a haircut, hair color, and an entire set of hair products from his collection.  Bobbi Brown will be giving a total makeup makeover, along with makeup application lessons, and a full set of all of the products that she uses.  You can enter Dr Oz’s Bobbi Brown and Frederic Fekkai Makeover Contest here.

Dr Oz: Bob Harper Biggest Loser Giveaway

Doctor Oz’s fourth contest is a personal training session with Bob Harper, from the Biggest Loser.  Plus, you will get a free trip to LA and a 6 month supply of Bob Harper’s latest weight loss supplements.  To enter the Bob Harper Contest, you have to write 300 words (or less) about why you want to get in shape.  You can enter the Dr Oz Bob Harper Contest here.

Dr Oz: Cupcake Sisters Cooking Class Contest

Dr Oz’s fifth contest is for a baking class from the DC Cupcake Sisters.  You will also get a free trip to Washington D.C., of course.  To Dr Oz Nuttzoenter the DC Cupcake Sisters Contest, write 300 words (or less) about why you should win this prize.  You can enter the Dr Oz DC Cupcake Sisters Cooking Class Contest here.

Dr Oz: NuttZo Organic Nut Butter

Doctor Oz is also giving away 1,000 jars of NuttZo Organic Nut Butter, which is the one secret thing that Dr Oz said he cannot live without.  He keeps it in his pantry and in his office.  NuttZo is a seven nut seed butter that is very rich in omega 3’s.  NuttZo costs $13 and is available online, which is expensive compared to most peanut butters, but Dr Oz said it is totally worth it.  You can enter the contest to win a free jar of NuttZo here starting at 3 pm on September 20th or download a discount coupon here.


  1. Lori Chapman says

    Thank you for all you do!!
    There have been so many of your shows that I can relate to. I have taken your advise and have spoken many times very candidly with my physican. Times when I thought I should speak up for myself and did. For that thank you.

    Lori Chapman

  2. ray chamberlain says

    Dr OZ.I am not much of a writer but i would like to thank you for all help that you give people.I dont know if I desevere to see you any more than any one else but I would like the opportunity.Thank you Your friend Ray!!

  3. Fran Phillips says

    Dr. OZ I enjoy the advise on many of your shows. I suffer from traumic tortcollis. I hope someday I may have the chance to meet you and maybe you can give me some advise on my condition. Eating and drinking is becoming a real challenge for me now . Looking forward that you will have some advise on this condition.
    Thank you,

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