Dr Oz: Obese Children Skin Condition: Acanthosis Nigricans Pre-Diabetes


Dr Oz: Obese Children Skin Rash

Dr Oz did a show on Childhood Obesity, and then spoke about a simple test to see if your child is in the danger zone of obesity.  You simply have to check for a skin condition or skin rash called Acanthosis Nigricans, which could be a sign of Pre-Diabetes in kids.

Dr Oz: Acanthosis Nigricans

Doctor Oz asked Dr Corey Hebert for signs that your kid is headed the wrong direction in terms of obesity.  He said that you should look to see if they are Dr Oz Acanthosis Nigricansputting on extra fat around their belly.  If you spell desserts backwards, you get stressed… and both stress and desserts can make a child (or an adult for that matter!) gain weight.  Also, if your child comes home even one time, and says that kids are making fun of them for being overweight, that is a red flag.  Another sign to look for is any indication from your child to want to do something because they feel fat.

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