Dr Oz: Older Mom Controversy: Pregnancy Over 40+

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Dr Oz: Older Mom Controversy: Pregnancy Over 40+

By on January 27, 2012

Dr Oz: Fertility Treatments Over 40

Doctor Oz discussed Fertility Treatment Risks, but what do you really think about women becoming moms later in life? You may be passing judgment and not even realize it. Have you seen an older mom at the park with her young child and thought she had to be the grandmother? Ask yourself, how do you really feel about moms with young babies?

One audience member told Dr Oz that she had 6 rounds of IVF, with the last 3 done recently, and she’s still not pregnant.

Dr Oz Older Moms

Dr Oz Older Moms

She told Dr Oz that she will keep on trying until she’s successful. She stated that she was glad she waited because at 27-years of age, she was definitely not ready to have a baby. Her husband, when he was in his early twenties, would definitely not have been ready to have a baby. Today, she felt he would make an excellent father. At a later age, she is financially and emotionally secure. If she had a daughter, she would tell her to freeze her eggs.

Dr. Jennifer Hartstein. Clinical Psychologist, stated that for generations, we’ve talked about infertility with shame and embarrassment. Even as little girls, women are taught to get married and then have children, but that’s changed. Now women have careers and are focusing on that instead.

Maddie,an audience member, is 32. She went to the doctor and asked her about having a baby. Her doctor stated that the most important thing was to be in a good, steady relationship before bringing a baby into the world. Maddie’s doctor told her to come back when she was 37 and then they would discuss options if she didn’t have a baby by then.

Dr Oz disagreed, feeling that Maddie’s doctor should have told her more about the medical issues of having babies later in life. Even after today’s conversation, Maddie stated that she would wait because she saw how hard it was for her mom to have several children. She felt it was good that Doctor Oz was discussing this subject so that women could make the best decisions for themselves.

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