Dr Oz: Online Deals: Electric Toothbrush, Scale & Green Tea


Dr Oz: Double Saving Divas Online Challenge

Dr Oz brought onto his show the Double Saving Divas, two coupon clipping sisters, to help us find the best health product deals available online.  The two girls scoured the Internet to find us the best deals on an Electric Toothbrush, a Bathroom Scale and a box of Green Tea.  Here are the deals that the girls found for Doctor Oz.

Dr Oz: Electric Toothbrush Deal

Tai found an Electric Toothbrush, which looked like a Sonicare Toothbrush, that retails for $89.99.  She got it for $26.99 on Drugstore.com, plus she got Dr Oz Online Dealsfree shipping and a $50 coupon for Restaurants.com since she was a first time shopper.


  1. Joe says

    I believe I know a thing or two about tea or green tea in particular. The quality for different teas vary too much. So price should not be the only standard for a good deal or not, just like coffee.

  2. Joe says

    A good deal is for a brand that is well known and at a price that is much reduced compared to most other places for the same brand.

  3. says

    I totally agree Joe! But this is just a recap what is said on the Dr Oz Show. I actually got the most amazing green tea on a trip to Spain, and I have not been able to find anything even close to it here. What are your favorite brands of green tea?

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