Dr Oz: Online Health Deals: iTunes Pedometer, Humidifier & Omega 3


Dr Oz did a segment called the Dr Oz Viewer Challenge: Online Health Deals to help us find the best health deals on the Internet.  Doctor Oz said that he loves online health shopping for bargains, and who doesn’t!  Online shopping is a quick, easy and stress free way to get everything you need – if you know where to shop.  Dr Oz Free iTunes Pedometer

Dr Oz: Humidifier: Best Deal Online

Dr Oz brought 3 women on his show: Felicia, Staci and Doreen and all of them were given the same goals – to find the best deal on the health products from Dr Oz’s list.  The first assignment was to find the best deal online for a humidifier.  Here are the tips them came up with:

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