Dr Oz: Organic Apple Juice Safer & Arsenic Apple Juice Brands


Dr Oz: Arsenic Apple Juice Companies

Dr Oz’s show on Arsenic Apple Juice was a real shocker, but perhaps even more shocking is the fact that neither the FDA, the Juice Products Association (JPA) nor any of the Apple Juice Companies wanted to come on the Doctor Oz Show to share their point-of-view.  Dr Oz’s independent investigation found that almost 1/3 of the three dozen apple juice samples that they tested has more Arsenic in them than the FDA allows in our drinking water.  When Doctor Oz called and e-mailed all five Apple Juice Brands, the FDA and the Juice Products Association, all he got was answering machines or the “run-around.”


  1. Christine says

    Dear Dr. Oz,
    Thank you for your finding on Arsenic in Apple Juice. Our family did stop getting Apple Juice from China until the Economy got bad enough that we had to go on Florida’s Department Of Health WIC program. Now the only Apple Juice you can get is Juicy Juice and Seneca. I also want to thank you for telling us about Brazil and Argentina.

    God Bless,

  2. jennifer says

    HI thank you so much for informing us of these brands..i threw out all my apple juice since it came from Hansen’s..it said that it was a product of the USA and or China…but I was wondering if you happened to know what brand name juice is safe for my baby and I to drink..thank you!!

  3. says

    Way to go Dr. Oz for informing us about arsenic in apple juice!! I just watched your segment on the TODAY show. I found it amazing how fast the FDA can speak out on a product while other times, it takes them years to produce important information. Oh, and the response you received from the companies that sell the apple juice!! A word to the wise!! Beware of the corporations that this reflects on. They have big money and they will do what they can to make you and your research look bad! I’m from Wisconsin; and I can tell you that there are big corporations (some that are listed on your Dr. Oz Fans website under “to contact for change”) that financially support a group called ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council). ALEC uses their influence on state government to have new legislation written regarding food safety, water quality safety, environmental safety, etc. See alecexposed.org. These new legislative changes that are made do not to benefit the public!! They benefit ALEC and the corporations that support them!! And, most of all, the politicians who are being used by them! A BIG “thank you” for what you are doing!!

  4. Virginia Salas says

    I was looking for Manufacturers and Suppliers of Apple Juice on the web today and found on the Alibaba Global Import website, most concentrates come from China, some from Vietnam, Iran, and Turkey. I wonder if concentrates from Turkey would be safe? I found Eden brand organic apple juice and Martinelli’s apple juice to be safe and made in the US. I will no longer purchase juice boxes for my Grandkids lunch boxes but instead will fill thermoses with these healthier juices!!!

  5. herrera says

    Thank you Dr. Oz for letting us know. I appreciate the impact you have on the community. Keep up the great work.

  6. Lyn says

    Thank you, Dr. Oz. Tonight on NBC Nightly News I heard that rice has higher levels of arsenic than even apple juice. It is HIGH time that arsenic levels in foods be regulated by the federal government. This is a situation that truly needs government control.

  7. lewis says

    Thanks for the warning. My wife was persuaded to go on a apple juice and apple diet even tho I cautioned her not to. After a week she is not feeling good, also her blood sugar has risen. She was drinking Hansen’s apple juice but today she switched to Costco. I always caution her to read the labels but she won’t. Hansen’s label reads maybe China while Costco reads pure filtered juice from usa apples with nothing added.

  8. matic says

    guys c’mon this guy is a fraud. pay attention to all these companies, they are all some of the biggest corporations in the world, you think these companies care about your well being. hell naa. take a guess how much these companies paid dr. oz to say that… 5, 10 maybe 20 million dollars guys. ever think how perfect this doctor looks like, perfect enough to convince you to buy those brands. you want arsenic free apple juice, buy from small local companies, thats the most organic you can get without a doubt. i promise you

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