Dr Oz: Organic Peanut Butter, Organic Cereal & Organic Frozen Meals

Dr Oz did a segment called Organic Foods: When to Buy & When to Save.  Do you know which Organic Packaged Foods you should buy and which ones you can skip?  Doctor Oz covered the benefits of Organic Peanut Butter, Organic Cereal and Organic Frozen Meals. Dr Oz Organic Food

Dr Oz: Organic Packaged Foods

Dr Oz has spoken about the importance of organic food in the past, such as the Dr Oz Recap of What’s In the Nation’s Chicken and Obesogens: Chemicals You’re Eating That Make You Fat.  So it is no surprise that Dr Oz would do a segment on the importance of Organic Packaged Foods.

Dr Oz: Organic Peanut Butter vs Non-Organic Peanut Butter

Dr Oz’s guest from the audience said that the Organic Peanut Butter tasted better, but more importantly, Dr Oz said that Non-Organic Peanut Butter is full of pesticides because they spray pesticides around the peanuts to protect them from mold.  Dr Oz said it only costs around $1 more.  My favorite peanut butter is still Peanut Butter & Co: Mighty Maple Peanut Butter – so hopefully they will make an organic version very soon!  Dr Oz did say that you can skip Organic Bread to save money for the Organic Peanut Butter.

Dr Oz: Organic Cereal vs Non-Organic Cereal

Dr Oz said that Organic Cereal has no pesticides and no genetically modified soy or corn products, like in Non-Organic Cereals.  And generally, Organic Cereals are not more expensive than Non-Organic Cereals.  In fact, sometimes the Organic Cereals cost less!

Dr Oz: Organic Ketchup vs Non-Organic Ketchup

Dr Oz said that researchers found that Organic Ketchup has twice the antioxidants as Non-Organic Ketchup.  So you may as well get the added benefit when you are eating ketchup!

Dr Oz: Organic Frozen Meals vs Non-Organic Frozen Meals

Dr Oz showed two Frozen Enchilada Meals – one was organic and the other was not.  Dr Oz’s guest from his audience said that the non-organic one actually tasted more “healthy” and was not as delicious as the Organic Frozen Meal.  I wish that Dr Oz had shared with us the actual brand of the Organic Frozen Meal, but I am pretty sure from the packaging that it was probably Amy’s Organic Enchiladas.

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