Dr Oz: Organic Pocket Guide & Free Organic Food: Organic Secrets

Dr Oz did a segment called Secrets From An Obsessed Organic to teach us how to buy organic food for cheap with insider secrets.  Danny Seo, an Organic Expert, even found a way to get Free Organic Food and Doctor Oz gave an Organic Pocket Guide to help us figure out what produce to buy during every month of the year.

Dr Oz: Free Organic Food

The first tip is to earn online reward points through Recycle Bank, because then you can earn coupons on organic products.  For example, if you buy a box of Kashi Dr Oz Organic GuideOrganic Cereal, on the side of the box there is a code so that you can get 15 points.  Then you redeem the points for coupons for organic salad, organic chocolate, organic tea, etc.  Danny Seo told Dr Oz that the real secret though is to take the coupons you earn and to match it with your supermarket circular, because that is how he was able to get an entire box of Kashi Organic Cereal for free!

Dr Oz: Organic Pocket Guide

Danny Seo told Dr Oz that if you buy organic produce that is in season, then it will be grown locally and at lower prices generally.  Also, not all foods need to be organic.  If you are buying thin-skinned produce like bell peppers, strawberries, celery or spinach, you should get organic because these are high pesticide items.  However, if you are buying bananas, avocados, coconuts, onion or pineapple, organic is not necessary.  You can print out Dr Oz’s Organic Pocket Guide here.

Dr Oz: Organic Snacks

Dr Oz has spoken before about how good raisins are for you, but Danny Seo said that if you are buying non-organic raisins, then you are basically eating pesticide pellets because raisins are just dried grapes.  You can get organic raisins pretty easily and inexpensively, and you can also get a product called Mashups which is literally mashed up organic fruit in a pouch and they come in great flavors like strawberry banana.

Dr Oz: Organic Wine & Organic Alcohol

Danny Seo said that if you have a choice, organic wine is the best.  You can get organic wine like Bonterra Organic Wine for just $9.99 and there are no added preservatives or sulfites.  Dr Oz asked about Organic Vodka and Organic Spirits, Danny said that you should not bother buying organic in this case because the whole distillation process removes all trace chemicals.


  1. From Turkey says

    can we have a organic pocket guide that works for the Mediterranean region? For Turkey & Cyprus for example.


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