Dr Oz: Osteoporosis Risks & Bone Strengthening Supplements

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Dr Oz: Osteoporosis Risks & Bone Strengthening Supplements

By on July 15, 2010

Doctor Oz did a segment on Osteoporosis and the importance of taking Bone Strengthening Supplements like calcium, vitamin D and vitamin k12.  Dr Oz said by the time you are in your 20’s, Osteoporosis has already begun the process of eating away at your bones.  By the time you are 50, you have a 1 in 2 change of having a full blown case of Osteoporosis.  Bone Strengthening Supplements

Dr Oz was joined by Terry, his assistant of the day, to do a demo about Osteoporosis.  Bones are living organs made up of a lattice matrix, which can heal when broken.  Bone loss begins in your 20’s and you can lose between 1% and 5% of your bone mass every year, that is why older people have a higher rate for breaking their hips.  Dr Oz also said that 25% of people who break their hips do not ever recover – scary statistic!  Dr Oz did a demo with two glass tubes, one was a thick glass tube representing a normal bone and one was a thin glass tube representing a disintegrating bone.  When carefully tipped over, the thick glass tube did not break, but the thin glass tube shattered.  As you grow older and get Osteoporosis, your bones become triangles and you begin to get hunched over as your bones get crunched and you shrink in height.

Osteoporosis Risks

Dr Oz said that tall and skinny can actually put you at risk for Osteoporosis.  If you are 5’7″ or above and weight 127 pounds of less or if your wrists are under 6″ then you are at a higher risk for Osteoporosis.  Drinking, smoking and depression can all cause Osteoporosis as well.

Bone Strengthening Supplements

Dr Oz said that we must be careful not to take calcium by itself, or it will deposit in places we don’t want it to, like in our heart.  Take calcium with vitamin D.  Dr Oz also said that vitamin k2 is important because it helps build bone strength.  Fermented foods have vitamin k2, such as kefir – a drinkable yogurt.

One last tip to help prevent you from breaking a bone, is to learn how to fall.  You never want to fall on an outstretched hand.  Instead, when you fall, put your shoulder our and roll.

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Comments to Dr Oz: Osteoporosis Risks & Bone Strengthening Supplements

  1. Alice Sanders says:

    Thank you for the program on bone density. It has only been in the last three years I’ve been diagnosed with Crohn’s, and dairy products seem to be my trigger, so I have to rely on suppliments. In the three years without the dairy products. I have gone from an OK bone density test to a very noticeable amount of bone loss in the hip bones. I am doing the calcium and Vitamin D but will now look into your suggested vitamine K suppliment.

  2. Ayse Bostick says:

    Sevgili Dr. Oz,
    Sizi ve basarilarinizi esim ve ben
    buyuk bir gururla takip ediyoruz.
    Turk milleti olarak da sizinle iftihar ediyoruz.
    Siz gercekten insanlara gonderilmis ici sevgi dolu
    alisilmis doktorlardan cok farkli mutevazi ve asil bir
    insan ve cok yetenekli azimi bir doktorsunuz.
    Showlarinizda size sarilan insanlalin yerinde olmayi cok isterdim.
    Sayin Dr. Oz, benim sizden bir ricam olacak
    eger vaktiniz olur bu satirlarimi okursaniz ve
    kemik erimesi icin hangi ilaci uygun goruyorsunuz?
    Su an da kullandigim Fosamax ‘in zararli oldugunu be dava acildigoni ogrendim.
    Ne ilaci kullanacagimi bilmiyorum. Kemiklerimin
    Asiri eridigini doktorum soyluyor!(yasim 50)
    Bu konuda sizin degerli tavsiyenizi ogrenmek istiyorum.
    Degerli vaktinizi bu satirlari okuyarak bana ayirdiginiz icin
    ayrica tesekkurlerimi ve saygilarimi sunuyorum.
    Ayse Bostick

    Sizin varliginiz

  3. Glenda Taylor says:

    I sorry to say I missed the show about osteoporsis, I have just been told I have it I just turned 50 have hypo thyroid 20 years on Synthroid that long as well, no other aliments , I was wondering is there a alternative to me taking the meds for osteoporsis.?? I really would like to have the truth if I can take particular vitamins to help this to osteopenia, I know I will not cure it but I’d like to get out of the -2.8 range without the drug prescribed IS this POSSIBLE?

  4. Dr. Oz, Will you comment on a new supplement “New Chapter Bone Strength”? They say it is a plant based supplement, better absorbed therefore a better choice. Comments please.

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