Dr Oz: Our Brain After Death

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Dr Oz: Our Brain After Death

By on September 29, 2011

Dr Oz and Dr Parnia Discuss What Happens to Our Brains After Death

Dr Oz discussed what happens scientifically to our bodies when we die.  He said that understanding this is important because many people have claimed to have had near death experiences, which are situations in which their bodies were declared clinically dead, but where they miraculously came back to life.  Now they’ve told their stories about what happened when they were “dead.”

Doctor Oz said that we need to understand what exactly death is and what happens to our brains when we die.  Dr Oz demonstrated a scenario where the heart was no longer getting oxygen and flat-lined.  He then took a look inside the brain to see what went on when the heart flat-lined.   When the heart stopped pumping, the neurons of the brain began to die, but not all of the brain cells suffocated at the same time.  Dr Oz said that since all the cells suffocated at different times, this was of vital importance.  It turns out that the parts of the brain that allow us to see and hear were still intact, but the parts that connect the sensory areas were the parts that failed first.  This is why someone could have had an out of body or near death experience.

Dr Oz spoke with one of the world’s leading experts on near death experiences, Dr. Sam Parnia, an expert on the intersection of science and spirituality, and author of a book called, “What Happens When We Die.”  Dr Parnia stated that death is a process.  He said that he had patients that reported unusual experiences, such as out of body experiences, and that in order to test these experiences and see if they were real, Dr. Parnia would put images over the shelf above the patient.  He wanted to see if people reported floating above the room and if they were able to see the hidden picture.  After his experimentation, Dr Parnia stated that he believed these experiences were real.  He has been engaged in this research for over fourteen years.

Dr Oz asked Dr. Parnia what he thought happens to us after we die.  Dr Parnia answered that the experience of death is nothing to be afraid of and that for most of us who will die of natural causes, death is actually a pleasant experience.  He went on to say that after we die, death is often reversible for a couple of hours and that the human mind and consciousness do not die just because they have been declared dead.

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  1. want to know what happens to us when we die? Ecc. 9 : 5, 10 Ecc. 3 :19-20. all this life after death is thoughts of the mind , like dreams are not real, only thoughts , with lack of ox. ect.

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