Dr Oz: Ovarian Cancer Fighting Foods & Ovarian Cancer Risks

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Dr Oz: Ovarian Cancer Fighting Foods & Ovarian Cancer Risks

By on October 26, 2010

Dr Oz did a segment on Ovarian Cancer, and then gave a list of 3 things we can do today to reduce our risk of Ovarian cancer.  Doctor Oz said that 10% of women who get Ovarian cancer have a family history of getting it.  You should look at your sisters, mom, aunts, cousins, mom’s mother and grandmother’s sisters.  But Dr Barbara Goff said that it is also important to look at your dad’s side of the family, because he could carry the gene and pass it on to you.  If you have a family history of Ovarian Cancer, it may be wise to see a Genetic Counselor. Dr Oz Ovarian Cancer Risks

Ovarian Cancer Risks

1.  Never been pregnant

2.  Hormone Replacement Therapy

3.  Starting Menstruation before 12 years old

Ovarian Cancer Fighters

1.  Birth Control Pills

2.  Pregnancy

Dr Goff said that you can reduce your Ovarian Cancer risk by 50% by taking birth control pills for five years.  Dr Oz said that you can also minimize your risk by eating certain foods, especially ones that might change your estrogen levels.

Ovarian Cancer Fighting Foods

1.  Oatmeal – Dr Oz said that whole grains have Phytochemicals which help to prevent Ovarian Cancer.

2.  Spinach Salad – Any colorful vegetables contain Flavonoids that are antioxidants that helps our body remove free radicals.

3.  Broccoli – Dr Oz calls broccoli “the Powerhouse” but any cruciferous vegetables can help to break down cancer causing chemicals in your body.

Dr Oz said that there is magic in food, and I am a firm believer in this concept!  I have known people to recover from Cancer faster and more completely by making changes to their diets along with their regular medical treatments prescribed by their doctors.

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