Dr Oz: Ovarian Cancer Prevention: Kaempferol Foods & 2 Cups of Tea

Dr Oz: How To Prevent Ovarian Cancer

Dr Oz did a show on Ovarian Cancer Warning Signs, and then he was joined by Dr Donnica Moore to go over revolutionary new ways to prevent Ovarian Cancer.  Three of the prevention tips were foods to incorporate into your diet such as Kaempferol Foods, Phytochemical-Rich Whole Grains and two cups of tea.  The other two ways to prevent Ovarian Cancer had to do with quite opposite things – Birth Control Pills and having children!  Here is an elaboration on all of Doctor Oz’s Ovarian Cancer Prevention tips:

Dr Oz: Kaempferol Foods

Doctor Oz said that foods that contain Kaempferol can help prevent Ovarian Cancer.  Dr Donnica Moore said that a study found that women with the Dr Oz Ovarian Cancer Preventionhighest levels of Kaempferol in their diet on a daily basis had a 40% lower risk of getting Ovarian Cancer.  Kaempferol is a flavonoid found in foods like broccoli, spinach, kale, endive and onions.  Dr Moore said that there are no calorie limits on these foods, so you can eat as much as you would like every day, as long as you aren’t making them unhealthy with ingredients like a cheese sauce!  She said that eating them raw is a great way to incorporate them into your diet.

Dr Oz: Whole Grains Prevent Ovarian Cancer

Dr Donnica Moore told Dr Oz that be eating whole grains that are rich in fiber and Phytochemicals, you can actually block to re-absorption of estrogen back into your gut.  She said that all of these Ovarian Cancer Prevention tips work best when you have exercise in your daily routine as well.  Some whole grains to try out are oats, quinoa, barley, spelt, millet and flaxseed.

Dr Oz: Tea Prevents Ovarian Cancer

Dr Moore told Doctor Oz that a recent study done in Sweden looked at 61,000 women and found that those who drank two glasses of Black Tea everyday dramatically decreased their risk of getting Ovarian Cancer.  A similar study was done in China and found similar results.  The bottom line seems to be that drinking tea can help your body prevent getting Ovarian Cancer.

Dr Oz: Birth Control Pills Prevent Ovarian Cancer

Dr Donnica Moore said that for women who do not have contraindications or other reasons not to take Birth Control Pills, that you can help to prevent Ovarian Cancer by being on the pill for more than 5 years.  Birth Control Pills help to prevent Ovulation which causes Inflammation in your body.  You can reduce your risk of getting Ovarian Cancer by 50% by taking the pill for over 5 years, and the longer you take them, the more benefit you seem to get.  Dr Oz said that the benefit continues for 15 years after you stop taking the pill as well!

Dr Oz: Breastfeeding Prevents Ovarian Cancer

Doctor Oz’s final tip for Ovarian Cancer Prevention is that you lower your risk if you have children, especially if you have a child before the age of 30.  You get added benefits if you breastfeed your baby as well, and the more children you have, the greater the benefit you receive.  However, Dr Donnica Moore said that if you have problems conceiving and take Infertility Medication, then you actually increase your risk of having Ovarian Cancer.


  1. shawnette says

    i don,t agree on the preventions of ovarian cancer. my mom eats lots of brocceli steamed and she,s had 3 kids. she was diagnoised with ovarian cancer in jan. stage 3 and is currently going through chemo.

  2. Joe says

    These types of articles or shows give people the impression that you just need to do those sort of things and that you will not have cancer or any other diseases in the topics. The truth of the matter is ovarian cancer, or any cancer, or most diseases for that matter, are multi-factorial. You cannot just do one or two things well without regard to anything else in your life so you will not get cancer. For example, we all know cancer is caused by gene mutations and radiation and free radicals and carcinogens cause cancers because they could cause gene mutations. So, you’ve got to change your life styles to minimize your chances of gene mutations. It doesn’t matter how much broccoli you eat or how much tea you drink, if you get enough radiation from whatever sources, you’ll have gene mutations. So, we have to look at the thing as a whole to understand how not to get cancer. One is to minimize the chances of your cells to become cancer/tumor cells including minimizing your contact with radiations and eating well and exercise well to decrease your level of free radicals and other oxidative agents. The other is to increase your immunity to try to let your body’s immune system to get rid of any cancer/tumor cells before they grow into a tumor or cancer. Any cancer starts with only one cell where one or more critical genes are changed, and your body’s immune system usually can destroy those cells that have changed because the system would not recognize the cancer cell as its own and will try to get rid if like the same way it gets rid of bacterial cells. This comment is prompted by Shaunette’s comment. So I really hope whoever gives of any shows will stress this point: you cannot rely one one or two things to prevent cancers or any other diseases.

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