Dr Oz: Ovarian Cancer Tests: Recto-Vaginal Exam & CA-125 Blood Test


Dr Oz: National Ovarian Cancer Coalition

Dr Oz teamed up with the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition (NOCC) to create the Ovarian Cancer One Sheet and to sponsor an event in Dallas, Texas to screen women for this not-so Silent Killer.  Doctor Oz and the NOCC setup a mobile medical center at the Grapevine Mills Mall in Dallas, Texas.  Along with a team of over 40 volunteers, they broke the silence about Ovarian Cancer.  Everyone who came to the clinic filled out a Dr Oz Ovarian Cancer One Sheet and the women who had serious symptoms were seen by doctors and had Transvaginal Ultrasounds.  Over the course of eight hours, the doctors met with 500 women to spread awareness, calm fears and to break the silence on Ovarian Cancer.


  1. cathy says

    I would always ask for the CA-125 test at my gyno and I was always told that it was a waste of money because they would usually come back as inconclusive or a false positive. This was around the time that Gilda Radnor had passed and saw many articles to have this test done.

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