Dr Oz Over 40 Survival Kit: Knee Plunger, Peptide Pen & BioFreeze

By on November 8, 2010

Dr Oz did a show where he put together an Over 40 Survival Kit that includes everything you need to rev up your metabolism, stop your throbbing knee pain and even some anti-aging secrets.  Doctor Oz even covered Butt Boosters for sagging butts and some Over 40 Alternative Treatments.  Dr Oz was joined by four medical professionals who are all women over 40: Peggy Brill, Heidi Skolnik, Evelyn Minaya and Susan C Taylor. Dr Oz Peptide Pen

Dr Oz: Knee Aches & Pains: Mini Plunger & BioFreeze

Dr Oz first spoke about our throbbing knees, aches and pains with Peggy Brill, author of Instant Relief.  All of those high heels we wore over the years have really abused our knees, so your knees can begin to creek and hurt.  Peggy Brill showed Dr Oz how you can use a sink plunger or a mini-plunger on you knee, just like how you would use it on a sink drain, and it helps to pull the fascia out.  Overtime, using a “Knee Plunger” can reduce the creaking and popping you get in your knee.  After you press on the plunger and create a suction, you only want to hold it for a few seconds, because if you do it for too long, you can get a bruise since the suction is similar to how you get a hickey!

Another lifesaver according to Peggy Brill is BioFreeze, which cools down your joints and helps to relieve pain.  BioFreeze contains Camphor and Menthol, and it is great for the neck, back and knees.

Dr Oz: Metabolism Musts: Kind Bars & Sugar Free Gum

Dr Oz was joined by Heidi Skolnik to discuss Metabolism Musts, since women can gain weight even if they are eating the same exact diet after they turn 40 years old.  The problem is that we lose 3-5% of our muscle mass, which is what burns calories.  Strength training is very important to maintain your muscle mass.  Skolnik also recommended keeping Kind Fruit & Nut Bars with you at all times, because they are only 100 calories and a great pick-me-up snack.  Another suggestion was to chew sugar free gum.  The Mayo Clinic did a study on the thermodynamic effect of food and found that you lose calories just by chewing.  If you chew during all of your waking hours, you can lose up to 11 pounds.  However, my dentist would be very against this idea, because chewing on gum all day long can cause problems with your jaw.

Dr Oz: Anti Aging Peptide Pen & Slow Releasing Retinol

Dr Oz asked Susan C Taylor how she judges which products work for anti-aging.  She said that you have to look at the ingredients list, because some ingredients we know for sure are anti-aging helpers.  The two products she recommended were:

1.  Dr Oz: Peptide Pen: Estee Lauder Perfectionist Wrinkle Filler

The Estee Lauder Perfectionist Wrinkle Filler is a Peptide Pen, and the peptides help to plum up collagen and fill in wrinkles.

2.  Dr Oz: Slow Releasing Retinol: Skinceuticals Retinol 1.0 Refining Night Cream

Susan Taylor suggested a Slow Releasing Retinol, which helps improve the texture of your skin and makes your skin more elastic.  The great thing about slow releasing retinols is that it is released all night long, so it may be less irritating and cause less inflammation than Retin A products.  Susan Taylor specifically suggested trying Skinceuticals Retinol 1.0 Refining Night Cream.

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Comments to Dr Oz Over 40 Survival Kit: Knee Plunger, Peptide Pen & BioFreeze

  1. My husband has a lot of pain in his hand.What can he do for relief?

  2. I went onto this web site after watching the over 40 show. I was looking for the adversise link to skinceuticals retinol 1.0 refining night cream and the peptide pen for lines and wrinkles. There was no link to purchase those items. Why? Where is the product link?
    Thank you,

  3. Where can I buy a knee plunger..Ive looked everywhere!!!

  4. Nadia Silva says:

    I’m from Portugal, and I don’t know how to get the mini plunger.
    It’s available at amazon.com, but is not available the shipment to Portugal.

    There’s any place at Europe where I can buy the mini plunger?

    Thank you,

  5. on the 16th of Nov. I say a product that looks like a ace bandage for the knee and it cost about $39.99. I have been trying to find it for my wife with no luck. If you can help me find the knee bandage it would be so nice to try and help her with her knee.
    Thanking you in advance W.M. Seals

  6. Barb Geneau says:

    My husband has knee pain and I have neck, back and arm pain, what to do, can Biofreeze work on it all and also what is a good vitamin for all of this pain?

  7. Help us with neck and back and arm and knee pain what to do?

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