Dr Oz: Oz Gone Wild Embarrassing Questions

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Dr Oz: Oz Gone Wild Embarrassing Questions

By on June 8, 2012

Dr Oz: Oz Gone Wild

Dr Oz took a look back at his ‘Oz Gone Wild’ show, where he answered 50 of viewers’ most embarrassing and bizarre questions. From tongues to toes, take a look at some of the outrageous questions and concerns.

toe fungus

Questions on toe fungus and tongue discoloration were answered on 'Oz Gone Wild'

Dr Oz: Black Stains and Other Tongue Discolorations

Karen was a viewer who was embarrassed of her tongue. For a few years now, it has been stained with an ugly dark color. She wanted to know if Dr Oz could tell her what was causing it.

Dr Oz showed a few pictures of different types of tongue discolorations. A tan/yellowish color indicates jaundice. A dark brown color can be caused by foods like coffee. However, Karen’s was more of a black color, and that is caused by antibiotic use.

Dr Oz demonstrated how antibiotics can cause dark discoloring on the tongue. The tongue absorbs the medicine, and even brushing leaves the stain behind. In order to get rid of the stain, simply brush your tongue with a little bit of baking soda. It’s an old fashioned remedy, but it works.

Dr Oz: Toe Fungus and Infection

Wendy was the next audience member with a question, and she had been struggling with toenail fungus for about twenty years. She is a runner, and also plays tennis. Dr Oz took a look and explained how activities like running can cause toenail issues. When the toe is hit repeatedly, like it hits the inside of your shoe when you run, it becomes damaged. That makes it easier for bacteria to seep into the nail.

In order to treat an infected nail, try a home remedy before resorting to medication. Mix five or six drops of tea tree oil into some sunflower oil. It smells good, and it works to kill bacteria. Swab it into the nail and allow it to soak for a while. The nail needs to grow back healthy, so it may take up to six months in order for it to heal.


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