Dr Oz: Pandemic Survival Kit: Andrographis & Forsythia

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Dr Oz: Pandemic Survival Kit: Andrographis & Forsythia

By on September 16, 2011

Dr Oz: Contagion The Movie

Dr Oz spoke about the new movie Contagion (featuring Kate Winslet and Matt Damon) with director Steven Soderbergh.  Doctor Oz said that Contagion the movie finally gets it right and captures the fear, panic and breakdown of society when a deadly global virus threatens mankind.  In the movie, there is no cure, and society spirals out of control as the pandemic spreads.  Paranoia among everyone starts spreading as well.  And the scary thing is that Dr Oz believes that something like this could definitely happen in our lifetime, so he put together a Pandemic Survival Kit to help all of us be prepared.

Doctor Oz was also joined by Dr Thomas Frieden, director of the CDC (Center for Disease Control), who said that their motto is that if there is a problem, they are on the plane before the sun goes down and figure out what it is, how to stop it and how to control it.  Dr Oz showed a simulation of how a pandemic could spread.  It all starts with one person who is infected (lets call them Patient Zero).  Patient Zero is in New York City, and everytime she coughs or touches something (with her hand that she coughed on), she spreads the virus to more and more people.  Matt Damon said that the real takeaway of the movie Contagion is to try not to panic when there is a pandemic.  Take a deep breath and count to ten, because you will always make a better decision that way.

Dr Oz also brought onto his show Dr Ian Lipkin, who has identified more than 400 viruses include Ebola, West Nile and Rhinovirus C.  He has revolutionized how scientists hunt for and contain viruses.  Dr Lipkin works at Columbia University and said that they are always looking for new ways to prevent outbreaks.  He likes to hope for the best, but to plan for the worst.  Dr Lipkin worked with Steven Soderbergh on the movie Contagion because they really wanted the movie to be true to science.  He said the movie incorporated how they make vaccines, how they deploy them and the breakdown in society’s fabric when a pandemic strikes.

Dr Oz: Vaccine Development

Allison Aiello said that it takes months for them to develop the yearly flu vaccine – as much as six months – so what makes us think that a vaccine will be developed and deployed faster in the case of a pandemic?  Dr Ian Lipkin said that there is no reason that it should take 6 months to make a vaccine, but resources are what hold us back.  He told Dr Oz that we have to make a decision to make an investment in this area.  Doctor Oz asked Dr Thomas Frieden what can we do to speed up the development of vaccines?  Dr Frieden said that it is not just about developing the vaccine, but it also has to be tested to make sure it is safe, then manufactured and distributed.  And these types of vaccines are usually not researched in the private sector because there is no market for them there, so if the government does not do it, then it does not happen.

Dr Oz: Pandemic Survival Kit

Dr Oz put together what he calls a 5 Step Pandemic Survival Kit to help all of us be prepared in case a pandemic strikes.  Here are things to remember and to make sure that you have on hand:

Dr Oz: Andrographis

Doctor Oz said that in the movie Contagion, they spoke about take Forsythia, which is a herbal remedy that helps viral infections Dr Oz Contagionand even colds.  Forsythia has been used in traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine.  Dr Oz suggested that we keep an herbal remedy called Andrographis on hand because you can take 400 mg of it 3 times a day to help boost your immune system.

Dr Oz: Flu Shot

Dr Oz did not pass up the opportunity to remind all of us to get our yearly Flu Shot, though I am not quite sure how that will help us prevent getting some other virus that might arise.

Dr Oz: Wash Hands

Doctor Oz said that you should always make sure to wash you hands for 25 seconds.  I can still remember my kindergarten teacher telling us to recite the alphabet song when we washed our hands to make sure that we lathered up for long enough!

Dr Oz: Stay Home When Sick

When you are sick, stay home and do not go to work, because that will just spread the germs.

Dr Oz: Surgical Masks

Dr Oz’s final Pandemic tip is to wear a Surgical Mask.  Sick people should wear a surgical mask to stop spreading the virus, and people who are well should wear a Surgical Mask to prevent themselves from catching it.

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