Dr Oz: Paper Coffee Filter Reduces Cholesterol & Dark Roast Coffee


Dr Oz played a game called Shocking Ways To Supercharge Your Coffee.  Doctor Oz knows that many of us drink coffee as a pick-me-up, but are there other finer points to coffee that could improve our help?  How about using Paper Filters to lower cholesterol?  Caffeinated Coffee to prevent Diabetes?  Or Dark Roast Coffee to help you look younger?

Dr Oz: Paper Filter for Coffee

Dr Oz’s first question was what is the best way to make coffee that will lower your cholesterol?  Should you use a gold foil filter or a paper filter?  Dr Oz said that the Dr Oz Coffee Superchargerspaper filter is the way to go because it removes a chemical that elevates your cholesterol by about 8%.  The gold foil coffee filters lets the chemical leak through.

Dr Oz: Caffeinated Coffee Prevents Diabetes

Dr Oz’s second question was which type of coffee is better at preventing Diabetes: caffeinated coffee or decaffeinated coffee?  Dr Oz said that the caffeine in caffeinated coffee turns on a protein that make  your insulin more active and sensitive.  People develop Diabetes when their insulin does not work well.

Dr Oz: Dark Roast Coffee Helps You Look Younger

Dr Oz’s final question was which coffee helps you to look younger: light roast coffee or dark roast coffee?  The answer is that Dark Roast Coffee helps you to look younger because the more you roast coffee beans, the more they make antioxidants which help you to slow down the aging process.

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