Dr. Oz: Paramedical Cosmetic Tattooing with Melany Whitney

Doctor Oz had a woman on his show who was in a very bad car accident when she was younger.  Her friend’s brakes went out, and she got thrown through the windshield and her face shattered on the pavement.  After many hours of surgery and 500 stitches, she recovered, but has always been embarrassed about the scars on her face.

Doctor Oz sent the woman to do Paramedical Cosmetic Tattooing with Melany Whitney, where the perfect match to your skin color is created and then the skin pigment is injected into your skin to make white scar marks the same color as the rest of your skin.  It does not hurt (it hurts even less than regular tattoos) and mainly just feels like little pin pricks.  Melanie injects the pigment between where the epidermis layer of your skin ends and where the dermis layer of your skin begins.  The color may fade a little over time, but you can get touch ups.  Depending on where you are in the country, Paramedical Cosmetic Tattooing can cost anywhere from $250 to $750 per area.  For women who have had breast cancer and are missing their nipples and areolas, this is covered by insurance and can really help women feel better about their appearance.  I wonder if this would work for stretch marks?  Melany Whitney did say it only works when your scars have turned white.


  1. Eric M. Lipnack, D.O. says

    Absolutely wonderful. does she do anything else medically. please bring her back

  2. Beth Snyder says

    Dear Dr. Oz, I love your show and TIVO it every single day so my husband and I can watch it at night. It is truly helping us improve our health. We owe so much to you and your gift of helping others.

    I am a former TV news reporter with an embarassing secret…I have stretch marks! Although I now am slender at 125 pounds, I have a group of stretch marks on the top of each thigh due to my first pregnancy in which I gained 80 pounds! My stretch marks are a painful reminder of my lack of discipline during that pregnancy so many years ago when I reached 200 pounds. My stretch marks make me feel old and ugly even though I am told I am an attractive woman. I have tried covering them up, dermabrassion and every cream known to man (or woman). I am too embarrased by the stretch marks to wear a swimsuit. Could Dr. Whitney help me? Stretch marks are terribly embarrasing to women who have them and I know I am one of many. They really hurt my confidence in myself. I know MANY women would watch such a program with great interest. If you could help me I would gladly go public about my problem on your show. My stretch marks have healed and they are now white so I think that Dr. Whitney could improve them greatly. Thank you so much for your consideration of my situation. Any help you could provide would truly be a blessing. I would be glad to send you a photo of myself and my stretch marks.

  3. Terry Kline says

    Wow, Melany Whitney is a magician. I hope that others, who could benefit from her skills, were watching your show! Keep up the great work. “To save one life is as if you have saved the world.”
    -The Talmud

  4. Carol Smith says

    I had a chemical peal around my mouth and the result was no pigmentation left. I would like to know if you knew anyone that is in the Sacramento, Ca area that does the Paramedical Cosmetic Tattooing.

    Thank you,


  5. Tracey Willman says

    In Sept 2009 I was in a bad motorcycle accident and was left with a large scar on my face under my right eye. It’s jagged and ugly. I work with the public in retail and was stunned to see how rude some people can be. The stares and comments come DAILY. The worst part is that the scar is purplish in color and it LOOKS like I have marker or pen ink on my face or even that my eyeliner has run… Most people politely point out that I “have some pen/ink on my face”. When I tell them that no, it’s not ink, it’s a scar from a motorcycle accident some are embarrassed for saying pointing it out but some will say mean things like “you know you could have that fixed” or “Why?” (as in why does it look like that?). I even had one woman argue with me about how I could have plastic surgery to cover it up and it didn’t matter that I didn’t have any medical insurance…apparently she didn’t care that she was hurting my feelings immensely. Didn’t she realize that if I could cover it up I would?
    I have just moved into a new house and was unpacking while listening to the TV (for noise in the empty house) when I heard this woman talking about an accident and the scars she was left with. I stopped unpacking and sat down in front of the tv. Thank you Dr. Oz for having this woman on your show. When I saw it today I realized that there was hope that I might be able to be scar free (or at least appear scar free). I think God works in mysterious ways since it seems this show aired in March and I am writing this in June… I am so thankful I was watching. Maybe someone reading this post can recommend someone to do this procedure in the St. Louis area????

  6. Andrea S says

    I was so inspired by the episode featuring Melany Whitney and the work she did on the woman with the scarred face. I have watched that segment over and over and i, too, would like to do this kind of work to help people. Thanks to Dr Oz for giving me an exciting spark (and an epiphany) and I hope Dr Oz will bring Ms. Whitney back on the show again. I would love to see more of her cosmetic tattooing.

  7. Lisa Stein says

    I am a neighbor of Melanie Whitney’s in Boca Raton, Florida and I wouldn’t let that woman near me with any instrument of any kind. She is certifiable. All she wants is fame and public attention and has done some bizarre, hideous things to get it. I hope she’s having luck trolling for her sixth husband as that is her obsession.

  8. Tracy says

    Melany Whitney is clearly an unstable person. In my dealings with her, she has appeared mentally unbalanced and totally unhinged. A deeply unpleasant and irrational person.

  9. Mary says

    I have been to Melany Whitney, and it was the worst decision of my life. She left me embarrassed to walk outside and it has been impossible to find someone who can correct the damage she has done. She left scarring and used pigments that don’t even come close. I should have known better seeing how she looks like a clown!

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