Dr Oz: Parasites Causing Your Fatigue? Parasite Warning Signs


Dr Oz: Hidden Health Hazards in Your Gut

Dr Oz spoke about an Electrolyte Elixir Recipe that helps prevent Charley Horses, but what if you feel unusually tired and it is caused by parasites?  What should you do?  And how can you tell if you have parasites?  If you’re feeling tired and run down all the time, it may not be for the reasons you think. On today’s show, Dr Oz was joined by Gastroenterologist, Dr. Robynne Chutkan, MD to tell you why parasites may be the hidden health hazard inside your gut. (Yuck!)


  1. Agnes Brown says

    Thanks Dr. Oz, I will take this to my doctor because just yesterday(2-28-12) I visited my hematogologist thinking my blood level had dropped but that was not the case. I will visit my GI and tell him of the symptoms and print this article and take with me. Again thanks and I love you and your show. Due to my work schedule I cannot watch it daily.

  2. says

    Now that there has been changes in Medicare would there be any possible way that they will help pay on a breast reduction. I am a 65 year old with heavy breast an the older I get I have lots of neck , back , and shoulder pain. I have already had shoulder surgery .I am not financial able to have this without help.

  3. says

    please what are the medications for Parasites?…I have those symptoms…and no insurance.
    my stools are loose and not yellow, but when I wipe it is yellow

  4. Dixie Neitzel says

    What were the names of the micrscopic parasites in your gut causing the problems???

  5. Barbara says

    Dr Oz, you suggested Wormwood tea for parasites. I have done research on it and it showed many serious negative effects. What is your view on that?

  6. jackie says

    Dr Oz…I look up on a website about wormwood, and they said they wormwood can cause serious side affects including death..is there something more safe then this to rid the body of parasites?

  7. Keith says

    It has worked for my brother and myself and tons of people all over the world. Yes I can tell you a for sure way to get rid of ALL parasites and quickly! It works for everyone because it chases them right out of the body. Take 1 tablespoon 3 times a day in a little bit of water and a straw. Rinse mouth with water after. ACV not only rids virus, fungus and bacteria out of the intestines but its a miracle food because it cures so many things by putting in vitamins, minerals and enzymes back into the body! Take Braggs (only this brand!) Raw Apple Cider Vinegar. It tastes nasty but just put some water in it and drink it with a straw then drink water after. In 2 weeks you should be feeling a whole lot better and those parasites will be gone. Stay on it for life though to keep flushing out the eggs. Its miracle food from God!

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