Dr Oz: Parasites Under Your Skin- Kissing Bug, Chagas, Hookworms

Doctor Oz did a show on called Parasites: Living Under Your Skin to discuss The Kissing Bug (which causes Chagas) or The Assassin Bug, Hookworms and The Bulinus Snail.  Parasites can cause infections which can cause heart disease, blindness, stokes and many other health problems.  Millions of people die every year in the developing world for parasites, and these same parasites are becoming more and more common in America.  For example, parasites cause 10,000 cases of Toxocara infections each year in America and can leave you blind.  Cysticercosis is another parasitic infection that 170,000 are inflicting with each year.  You can catch all of these parasitic infections in water, land or air – so if you have been to the Southern US states or on a cruise lately, please pay attention and send this article to all of your friends and family members!  The Kissing Bug & The Assassin Bug

The Kissing Bug or The Assassin Bug

Dr Oz said the Kissing Bug gets its name because it bites you on the lips.  Often the Kissing Bug flies into your lips while you are sleeping (I think I might have a hard time falling asleep tonight knowing this!).  The Kissing Bug is also called The Assassin Bug, because it leads to Chagas disease which can kill you.  The Kissing Bug’s bite is not what gives you Chagas, you get Chagas by the Kissing Bug biting you and the defecating where it bites you, and its feces carries Chagas.  Chagas can cause stroke and heart failure.  Dr Mike Leahy joined Dr Oz to explain about the Kissing Bug / the Assassin Bug.  Leahy said you are most likely to catch Chagas on a vacation in Latin America, but 300,000 cases exist of people infected within the US, primarily in southern states.  Chagas is not curable and will likely kill you by means of a not so pleasant death.


Hookworms can cause anemia, abdominal pain and weight loss.  The teeth of the hookworms latch on to you or “hook” on to you and can cause malnutrition.  740 million people in the world are infected by hookworms.  How do you get hookworms?  Dr Oz gave a great explanation for how people commonly contract hookworms.  Lets say you are walking in the soil, and worms burrow their way into your skin.  Then the hookworms will get into your blood vessels and head to your lungs.  From your lungs, the hookworms will climb into your mouth and fall back into your intestinal tract, where they will latch on in the form of larvae and grow into full grown adults.  I wonder how hookworms know to take this path to get to your intestinal tract?  Nature really is amazing, even if it grosses me out to think about this.  Hookworms are not just after your food in your intestinal tract, they are also after your blood.  Mike Leahy said hookworms can literally “bleed you dry.”

Bulinus Snails & Schistosomiasis

Bulinus snails are found in fresh water and carry a parasite called Schistosomiasis, which can cause a disease that infects your brain and other organs.  Perhaps you have heard of the form called “Swimmer’s Itch.”  The parasite from the Bulinus Snails go into your blood stream and go to your liver, where they mature and grow bigger until they can crawl up to other parts of your body like to your brain and intestines.  You can have Schistosomiasis and not know it for years.  I don’t know about you, but it really freaked me out to hear Leahy tell Dr Oz that we could all have something living in us right now that is silently killing us.  It was also concerning to hear Dr Oz say that the vast majority of doctors do not think about parasitic infections much.  If you want to be learn more about parasites (and be grossed out more!) you can see more on Animal Planet’s show called Monsters Within Me.


  1. Barb Metcalf says

    I want information on the new emerging disease called “Morgellons Disease” which is referred to as the “fiber or thread disease” but is actually a systemic disease. I have this disease and I was infected by several bites of an arthropod (not a tick). Several people have committed suicide due to the horrific nature of the disease, the constant pain, disfigurement, body pain, lesions, incessant itching and the feeling of bugs crawling under the skin. I have actual insects (Fly larvae) and pieces or whole fly-like insects coming out of my nose. I have taken thousands of digital microscopic photographs of this disease. The medical community refuses to help us, and calls this illness DOP. The CDC would not help us for the longest time and still haven’t, although they did do a small study with Kaiser Permanente in CA several years ago. To date they haven’t given us the results of the study. It keeps being postponed for one reason or another. There are indications that this disease is a result of a man-made bioweapon gone awry or purposely being disseminated in the sky via chemtrails. Many people throughout the world are suffering and need help! We are dying and need help! Please help us get the word out to other sufferers that they are not alone! Thank you Barbara Metcalf

  2. Mark Brander says

    Barb I have important information about Morgellons that will help you. Here is Donna’s testimony Contact Linda Newkirk through her website Prophecies.Org Morgellons is indeed an engineered disease that is being spread on purpose. People can, laugh all they want to about the governments involvement with alien life forms but they will not be laughing when they get Morgellons and start to wonder why it has happened to them. Morgellons is nano-technology! Read about it at Linda’s website Book Twelve Chapter 59.

    “(Incurable) Morgellon’s Disease Healed!”
    Dear Linda,
    I would like to express my deepest gratitude for the prayer cloth you sent to me two months ago. I have suffered with Morgellon’s Disease since 2003 and have spent thousands of dollars on doctor visits, supplements, and numerous alternative therapies with mixed results, but have never been completely free of my symptoms. The prayer cloth brought about immediate relief of the crawling sensations from the fibers in and on my skin and it calmed the ever-moving hairs on my head that were such a constant source of irritation. Each night, I would wrap the cloth around my neck and it would emit a heating sensation, dissolving the sickness inside me.
    Not only did the cloth cure me of Morgellon’s Disease, but it also brought about a complete change in my life. I now live for the Lord after having come through some life shattering changes. I have used the tools of salvation you laid out in Chapter Sixty-Eight (in Book Twelve) and am experiencing a new joy for living like never before. Prior to receiving the prayer cloth, I had a fear and distrust of Christianity and religion as a whole, but I now see that this was a result of the state of the world today and had nothing to do with Christ’s power to heal and create miraculous changes in anyone.
    I truly feel that Morgellon’s Disease is nothing more than a way for the dark side to gather the life force and suck energy out of a soul through implanted fibers and metallic objects, leaving one only enough energy to live a meager and bleak existence, and making it impossible to completely connect with God. Nothing was able to free me of this implanted parasite disease and I now see that if not for the healing power of Christ imparted in your prayer cloths, I would still be living in darkness, sick and without hope.
    My body, soul, mind and spirit thank you for bringing me back to the Light.
    With love and deep gratitude,

    (Glory to our Mighty King! Our Saviour is healing Morgellons Disease! Only He can heal this disease; for in the world or medicine, there is no cure!)
    I thank each of you for sharing your testimonies! It is such a blessing to know of the healings and miracles, which our Saviour has given to you through His power on the Holy Anointed Cloths. I rejoice in my heart to hear of His blessings for each of you; and I know that others also rejoice in knowing of your great blessings. The faith of the weak is surely strengthened to see what our Mighty King has done for you!
    May we all join together to praise and exalt our Saviour’s Holy Name continually! For, He is worthy of all the praise, all the honor, all the glory and all the power forever and ever!
    Please keep sending the testimonies! Together, we will magnify the Name of our Mighty King!
    Sending much love to each of you!
    Your sister through our Blessed Saviour,

  3. says

    I am a veteran of the USA, I travel over seas and of late something bit me on my back and for the last 4 to 5 months I feel something moving under my skin, I brought this to the attention of my Doc. at the V.A. I was examined by 2 Doctors and they both gave me a rub and told me to come back in 2 months, I can’t sleep at night because I feel the crawling under my skin also during the day I feel the crawling, I also see a bump on the surface of my back,along with black spots, they say they can’t see anything, as I write this blog I am feeling the crawling and want to scratch but I know better than to scratch my skin. One of my doctors told me nothing can live under the skin, when I heard that I knew I was in trouble this guy must have flunked his course and they passed him anyway just to get paid. I know things can grow under your skin and I am not a Doctor but I can read and I watch Dr. OZ all the time. any suggestion for the crawling things under my skin.

  4. says

    Hi Waymon. I am so sorry to hear about your medical problem 🙁 … Unfortunately, I have no idea what it could be, but I would recommend getting another opinion from a different doctor.

  5. Marci says

    Im also very sick. I just had my Lyme test run so im waiting on results to come back….. I have had the itchy crazy bugs torturing me and my family….i am a young mother and need help before i die and leave my 3 young children behind alone…. im covered in blk dots and am in so much pain. Thank you ~ M

  6. victoria says

    Morgellons: Get the things out of your skin.

    Make Bath: Salt, 2 T povidone iodine, 1 T Hibiclens, (at RiteAid), Aloe vera gel (at pharmacies).

    Put PRID on skin (little orange can at Walmart for $3.99, a drawing salve).

    horse medicine from farm supply: mix, safeguard 1/2 (fenbendazole) and Zimectrin Gold, 1/2 in bowl to apply to skin during bath with boric acid and hibiclens.

    Get in bath, wet skin. Pour water over all. Put on boric acid and hibiclens to one arm then the other and all body parts one at at time. Rub in circles with boric acid and hibiclens, then mix fenbendazole and praziquantal in bowel together and put a little on each lesion and rub in circles. Take a little tiny bit of PRID and apply to lesion in circles with the fenbendazole praziquantal hibiclens boric acid mixture. Whatever is in skin will come out in water. May take hours. May have to have clean water again. At end take warm shower with hibiclens and boric acid. Also, in case of yeast get cetaphil soap for bacteria with toclisone in it and wash skin thoroughly.

    Put povidone iodine 1 T and hibiclens 1/2 T and 1 drop of essential oil of oregano in a tall (20 ounce or 24 ounce of water)….after you shower thoroughly with boric acid and hibiclens each body part to get off all debris and rinse thoroughly, pour this rinse over your whole body. Dry with a hairdryer.

    Apply Banana boat after tan lotion with aloe vera to your skin on the lesions plus a little aloe vera mixed with it to all of your skin. After dry you may use a cheap powder from dollar tree a body powder with eucalyptus (repels bad things). Your skin will be soothed and blessed. Pray to the Creator in Jesus’ Name to completely guide you and heal you in Jesus Name. This is an end-time plague. It is called Morgellons and it is very real. You can be healed because nothing can defeat God, but you have got to be real with him and repent and turn to Him with all your heart.


    Essential tea trea oil in circles on lesions till what is inside comes out, also spray essential orange air freshener to your finger and then the lesion sparingly brings it out very quick, but be careful, orange oil burns. You can buy cedarcide online and it works also in circles. The tea tree oil will work just fine, then shower with boric acid and hibiclens and do the above with the lotion and then powder. You may also use equate terbinifine (Lamisil to lesions helps)…so many answers to this problem….there is hope people.
    Email me if you have any more questions. God bless you all. Victoria.

  7. says

    I like what you guys are up too. This sort of clever work and reporting! Keep up the very good works guys I’ve added you guys to my blogroll.

  8. Cindy Cullivab says

    I’mpretty sure I have some sort of parasite growing under my skin. I also see what i think are worms moving under my skin. They are painful sometimes when they travel I feels like they are in my nuscles and joints too.I can feel pain or a rippling sensation and look where I feel it and sometimes there is a dark almost black line there. When i scratch it…It disappears and I get the sensation that its moving under my sj
    kin. I am afraid to tell anyone. There are some other things going on too that i’m not ready to talk about yet. Please help me!!! I also itch EVERYWHERE!!!! I am desperate!!!!I know i’m not imagining it and I know i’m not crazy..

  9. says

    I believe that I have Morgellons disease. I began showing symtoms in Jan 2010. I do not have every reported symptom of the disease however every symptom I have is a morgellon symptom. I first heard the word Morgellon one week and one day ago. I removed a moving parasite from my leg, a friend removed what appeared to be a dead carcus of the same soon after. I was under Dr care at the time, have been rx’d serveral rounds/versions of antibotics & steriod, plus rx ointments, nothing has worked. Took said finds to Dr, was told that lab called them Bot flies, I know what a Bot fly looks like, not even close. A friend just assisted me in counting the scars that I have as of this post, we came up with 73. Dr OZ what do you have to say about that?

  10. says

    I too, think i have morgellons disease. it started with a dry cough that lasted three months with breathing problems this summer., i dont have astma and the doctors couldn’t tell me what was wrong, but it felt like i had a hair in my throat,. I was constanly trying to clear my throat .then i had ring worm, on my inner thigh, and finally a scabies infection that wouldn’t go away ,no matter how many scabies creams i used.Then, i was finally treated with a oral medication called ivermethim and a week later. i had this weird sensation on one side of my face with muscles twitching in my legs.. I then developed itching, some pimples on skin and head and a feeling of skin crawling sensations, i also felt tired.. i research my symptoms online, and I think it’s either morgellons or i may need to have my metal mercury dental filings removed, because i heard that this can also cause similar symptoms,, due to the fact that the mercury can leak into your your blood stream and poison you. like if you have a crack in your tooth,, so i’m going to talk with my Dentist .’. When i first read about morgellons i freaked out!!, but now im listening to other suffers for advice and i have been taking herbal tinctures that had helped. with some of the symptoms. I use wormwood with walnut husks and liquid bentonite and liquid silver. I also use a clay called aztec betonite .to remove this stuff from my skin. I just put a paste it all over my body and then let it dry, do this in a dry tub, then you wet you fingers a little and can roll all the black stuff off your skin you would be surprised how much stuff will come off your skin!. I also used this stuff you can buy online called- all stop- mitactin spray it really works to get stuff off yuor skin , you can also use it to clean you surroundings , its non toxic.. you have to keep this up, maybe once a week use the clay and use the tinctures every day and then things may calm down for a while, its not a cure! I’m a Native American woman and im working with a medicine man and were trying to find out what caused this mutation .All I can say is to pray to the creator for guidence, be strong, cry, have faith and learn about natural ways to help control this stuff until we get more information. we are in all this together. Get enough rest and try not to get too stressed i know its hard.. I seen a dermatologist today and he referred me to a specialist in San franciso. I also was told by my Doctor that there were several clusters of morgellons in santa rosa ca a few years ago, and those cases were refered to a study at uc hospital in San francisco.. everyone is waiting for CDC to come out with their findings, but you can’t trust the goverment, as they may not tell the truth until this becomes an epidemic. hopefully that wont happen, any way, my prayers are for all human beings who are suffering with this condition. I wish you the best. In Spirit D

  11. understand says

    I understand what you are going through but I have two questions.
    Have any of you been exposed to mold or any type of yeast infection?
    Have any of you had your thyroid or blood sugar tested?
    Exposure to mold either in your workplace or in your home, IE shower, shower head, water leaks, air conditioner can cause mold to grow on skin. It will cause itching and sores with black specs in them which some people think are bugs. Look it up. It is very interesting.

    Also there is a yeat infection called candida that causes itchy skin, sores as well.
    There is a lot of research that shows thyroid or blood sugsr problems causes this.
    Please get checked to rule this out before it goes uncontrolled and makes you really really sick. If you don’t have insurance, go to a free clinic.

    Bad teeth can also aggravate systoms.

    As far as Cindy goes– there is a parasite called LoaLoa that is showing up in America.
    It is thought to be causeby a tapeworm.

  12. Helen says

    I just had my annual medical exam, I do not have any signs of high blood sugar or thyroid disease. All of my blood work came back as normal to excellent. I am sure that I have been exposed to mold at some point in my 56 years (not uncommon is it ?), and I have had yeast infections years ago due to antibiotics.I do not have bad teeth. I have changed my diet to eliminate gluten and to limit sugar. The rash continues , it is currently working its way up my spine, is on my face,neck and back upper of both legs. I am to the point that I am embarrassed to be in public. I have joined several forums for Morgellons sufferors and have experimented with several remedies. All seem to work initially but when I think it is clearing I will then get another outbreak that is worse. I find it very hard to believe that there is no diaganosis for this disease. The number of people on these forums is growing daily with most saying they have had it for some time before joining. Most have been to several Dr’s (as I have) whom can not tell them what they have. As my GP doctor told me, medicine is clear as mud, just because it can not be diagnosed does not mean it does not exist. The horrendous rash with all of its trash exiting my body after treatments is enough to prove that it exist. There has to be a common thread among the sufferors. IMO it is going to take some prominnet person to be afflicted with this in order for the US government to take it serious. I have no faith in the CDC. I can not speak for the other sufferors but I can tell you that I am not mentally ill, not to say I will not be before this is over!
    Also regarding your comment about going to a “Free” clinic, obviously you do not understand how the systemDOES NOT work in the US unless you are already in the system otherwise via welfare.
    Thank you anyway for not helping to answer my question regarding Morgellons or whatever you choose to call it.

  13. Can You Feel It says

    Take a very warm bath with a couple of scoops of virgin coconut oil in there. Then eat frozen coconut yogurt with fresh coconut on top as often as you can. Grind up papaya seeds and take with a tsp. of honey every day for a week. This should rid you of parasites.

  14. Helen says

    I would like to know what Dr Oz’s position is on the report last week by CDC that this is in our minds. How can we produce the stuff exiting via our mind. That idea in itself is crazy. There has got to be someone out there that actually cares about Morgellons disease. I have suffered for over 2 yrs and each breakout is getting worse. Please Dr Oz, take this one on and look into it. How could I have become a magician overnight just from being bitten by a bed bug. I am not crazy, I am an office manager for an accounting firm, how could I keep my job it I was that crazy, this makes no sense at all. Someone is dropping the ball on this, why!

  15. Can You Feel It says

    Funny that no holistic healers are responding to this. I also read that thyme tea gets rid of parasites.

  16. Helen says

    I am of the opinion that no one cares. I have looked at some numbers since the CDC report of late. It appears that the majority afflicted are white/hipanic MIDDLE age women. In this “mans” world we live in, I am not surprised in the lack of interest to research and heal. Even Dr Oz does not apparently care ? Look at his audience, we are the main followers. Thanks for the gratitude. First our government turns its back on us now Dr Oz. Maybe I should exhaust my efforts with Oprah!
    I have tried an array of teas, I found that clove tea is best but only a temporary solution, I do not think a tea can take this one on. It is enviromental!

  17. Maaka says

    I have had this skin crawling mite thingy for 8yrs now, and has driven me crazy..been to 8 doctors and all they can come up with is its all in my mind..yeah sure..I have tried everything from hexaform to manuka honey, steroids to antibiotics..I think mine was cause by rats..they got into my house while I was away and lived in my bedroom, perhaps on my pilliow, because next day my face was just crawling with what felt like millions of ants..its became red, and felt like little volcano’s over it if ytou ran your finger across your forehead..
    today years later, I have come out in this icthy rash, which feels like something is riggling around inside..it discharges a clear yellowish liquid which later turn hard..I picked one of these off while looking under a mag glass to see to minute white mites quickly disappear down the hole I had left..so next I picked another hard scab off and studyied the scab itself under a mag glass..I was surprised to see what looked light a speck of glass shining back at me or reflecting the light I had on in my room..I had seen this before on my fingertips, like sliver bullets popping up thru the skin and sinking away again..anyway I keep the mag glass on this light for several minutes, and to my surprise it turned sideway and moved off thru the scab material..it was so small I could not get a real look at it other than it was long round and sliver like, but super small…I dont sleep well because as soon as I lie down the crawling biting starts..somewhere I read about light sensitive parasites, so the last few nights I have been sleeping on top on my bed, with the bedroom light on, and strangely I have had no icthy or biting or crawling sensations…these things are there, but so small it would take a hubble scope to see them good, I beleive they have a life cycle, perhaps mite first which gets up your nose, ears, head, and body, perhaps enters under the skin where the fingernails join the finger, and smae with the toes, and thru the mouth and nose at night…..I have seen them now so next I will try and nail down a species and then a cure..saltwater helped my hands, sulphur 1 mg tablets for 10 days show I had a large worm in my stool..so maybe there are more…cloves do kill parasites…try the sleeping with the light on anyway, it was a blessing for me

  18. Can You Feel It says

    Have you tried mayonnaise to kill the mites? Sometimes that will work.

    Responding to an earlier post–BORIC ACID IS TOXIC TO HUMANS!!!! Do not use this. Use Borax–the laundry booster. There is quite a difference.

    Also, I read on Earth Clinic that parasites can be cured with papaya seeds (1 C.) and 2 bananas in the blender (if it were me, I would grind the papaya seeds in a coffee grinder).

    Also, read the Earth Clinic cures for Scabies. That may help. They also have a Morgellon’s section. I believe this is happening to people–have been reading about it a while now.

  19. ronnie k endre says

    thanks for doing this topic dr oz. i have been ill with this horrific disease since 2000 now. it is a type of schistomiasis. after i tested the most newest treatment…i had a 1″ and then a 5/8″ worm come right out of my skin around my rear end, not my anus. this isn’t pin worms we’re dealing with. in the 12 years i’ve been ill, i had yet to see the adults. the smaller was the female and larger, the male. i should have saved them to get an ID, because they never are generally seen. i had a state agency get involved because apparently i was rocking the boat too much. they took the lil swimming worms i scooped from my bath water. it was DHS-go figure. wanna know what they told me they were? leafworms!!! i’m an avid gardner and i tell you those weren’t ON me when i got in the tub:( it morphs, deteriorates your eyes and teeth and probably all of your other inner organs as well. it leaves crawling track marks all over your skin from the point of entrance. most have sores, but mine turn out like raised moles. the crawling, popping in your head and milk in the rice crispies in your ears have definitely caused many folks to take their own lives. it’s all a big cover up-since when have you heard of the majority of the medical profession call all of us, with the same symptoms and ailments, all crazy? may the super powers whom created this horror all burn in hell! i don’t dare talk to any physicians, hospitals, or infectious disease agencies anymore because they will institutionalize you.
    dr oz, i have a question for you. if i am roughly 120lbs and have had this diease for 12 years now. how many treatments are safe and how many years will it take to kick this nightmare? will i ever get rid of all of them?
    to all of the other readers-shower, don’t take baths. watching the worms swim in your bath water will only cause my emotional distress.
    i think we would have all preferred to be blown up to promote your population control, rather than medicate our brains to endure this living nightmare!

  20. ronnie k endre says

    this comment is for can you feel it-do you know that boric acid is an antiseptic. they use it in eye drops and all sorts of other things. AND by the way, that is what i add to my laundry to save from throwing it all away, try it, you may be surprised

  21. ronnie k endre says

    where do you people not understand this stuff spreads via h20-it’s a snail disease, with us as its main host. if you want to swim with them, suit yourself:(

  22. ronnie k endre says

    the thymol in listerine helps soothe the skin irritations-i put it in a spray bottle-it’s great for the back-which you all know is one of the troubled areas within this diease. it also doesn’t burn your skin like the peroxide or alcohol. i also have found using it as a feminine wipe, brings much relief.

  23. ronnie k endre says

    has anyone had vibrations in various areas at hand? this has only been more pronounced in the last few years. it actually feels like someones phone is set to vibrate. it seems like there’s nanos in them and someone is honing in on our current aggravation, maybe tracking like a GPS. we are all ginea pigs in a terrible experiment!

  24. ronnie k endre says

    the super powers have crossed the line. this just isn’t national-it’s worldwide. i am a firm believer in carma. all of your times are coming up. the worms will be crawling in and out of your eyes, nose, genitals, organs and they will drive you nuts. only the fittest emotionally will survive this bio nightmare. all i can say to all my fellow ill friends is have faith, it is all we have. share what works. go natural n organic. and this is a nasty skin helminth infection, and such being, you must treat with antihelminth meds to kill them, nothing else will work. peace and god bless

  25. Can You Feel It says

    Boric acid IS a poison. It is Borax laundry booster that you should use. Boric acid kills roaches.

  26. Can You Feel It says

    There is something going on in my hand–my ring finger knuckle. Feels like it is deteriorating. Maybe when I was under at the hospital for my last test, they inserted a microchip. I don’t trust those idiots at the clinic here. One thing that could be causing it, seriously, is that I hold the TV remote quite a bit at night.

    As far as nanoinsects and such, has anyone tried any distilled white vinegar for the problem?

  27. Can You Feel It says

    For scabies there is a post on Earth Clinic regarding the use of Borax (the laundry booster), peroxide and water in a spray bottle. Don’t remember the equivalents. Works for any itch.

  28. ronnie k endre says

    not only does boric acid kill cockroaches and ants…it kills the schitsomes in your laundry…you can’t microwave, freeze, boil them, iron them out….didn’t you read the blurb on the military taking all of the fibers sent in and tried incinerating them…even at 700 degrees farenheight, they wouldn’t burn. you just don’t know what we’re dealing with here, do you?

  29. Can You Feel It says

    @Debbie – about the hair in your throat sensation. I’ve had that and I feel it is fungal. Try drinking Pau D’Arco tea (from health food store). It is anti-fungal. Also, I noticed if I eat coconut frozen yogurt and fresh coconut on top, it is also anti-fungal and clears a lot of inflammation out of the throat area. I know it has some sugar in it, but the coconut works great. Also, the health food store has coconut water for sale.

  30. Maud says

    It seems that Bioresonance can clear viruses, bacteria and parasites. This kind of therapy is without medication and is non invasive. If you go on internet, you can read more about Bioresonance.

  31. newwantanswers says

    I started seeing white granules coming from my skin.Before they appear it will itch in that spot. Mainly my arms and eyes, also feel like something/s is crawling under skin. I also started noticing little flying bugs around me no matter where I went. I keep some in a bag. The lime green one really scared me. I’ve been reading up on this and trying some cure actions. Me and my husband have it, but none of our kids. MY QUESTION IS THIS. BEFORE I NOTICED THEM COMING FROM MY SKIN, I NOTICED THESE WHITE GRANULES COMING FROM MY BED. Always reappearing. I won’t sleep in the bed any longer. Husband still does. Do anyone else think they got this from their bed?

  32. ronnie says

    dear newwantanswers-never heard of the granuals coming from peoples bed, normally they have been coming from peoples skin. its one of the morph stages. there are many. i would replace your box spring and mattress. when i got infected, i switched to a h20 bed. its not porous and wont let them breed in the fabric. or maybe an air mattress. my sis is now infected also, in another state. she noticed something about her mattress too. her initial infection began with a bite on her eye. it lasted for quite a while then went systemic. stay away from cotton garmets. go with polys and synthetic blends.

  33. ronnie says

    also-can you elaborate on the green bug? i had an instance with a lil lime green n grey bug myself. it appeared to be some sort of louse of sorts. i worked in an ancient furniture factory. we imported wood from all over the world. it was in summer and apparently one got in my shirt and travelled down to my panties. i felt like i have ants in my pants. when i went to the john to check it out-there it was in my pube hair LAYING EGGS!!! i was mortified. i tried grabbing the lil creature and it junped?!? i grabbed it again and threw it in the toilet. then i commenced on pulling all the eggs from my hair and tossed them down the commode too. when i got home i shaved it all off. in the end, it didn’t matter though. i think its almost like whatever this is could be a bug parasite hitch hiker.

  34. barb says

    Parasites are very real. I have been to an iridologist for treatment. It does get better and it does fluctuate with the moon stages. The full moon causing the most activity. It is best to use the fullest treatment of parasites during this stage. It does get better, but it follows stages. I saw a reduction in them over several months and then it went away. But it requires a maintenance program. So don’t stop what you are doing just reduce it when it gets better. I got this information off the net. It seems to jive with what I have found.
    All stages of internal parasites in the body can be removed effectively by using a cleansing herbal combination made from the following herbs-a single tbsp. each of the wormwood, the husk of the black walnut along with the juice of clove-this herbal mixture will very easily cleanse the body by removing all stages of parasites that have infected the body. Parasites are also eliminated and killed by the herbal remedy made using the root bark of the barberry herb. This herbal combination must be used every day, and drink at least three cups of this tea every day, the tea is prepared by adding a tsp. of the herbs in a cup of boiling water-let the herbs steep into the water, strain and drink. To increase the removal of toxins from the body accumulated from parasitic activity and to cleanse the bowel, use a herbal tea made from a mixture or combination of herbs such as the witch hazel and the cascara sagrada, the seeds of the pumpkin, the cloves, the marsh mallow and the mullein, the violet and the slippery elm-this tea is also prepared in a similar way to the other herbal teas. The juice or herbal tea of the silverweed herb is specifically suggested for use by individuals who are suffering from amoebic dysentery. Dosage of this herbal tea or juice can be a single cup of the tea or a tbsp. of juice in some water taken thrice each day for as long as necessary. Take some Swedish bitters, about a tsp. before meals to rid the body of all internal parasites.

  35. says

    about one year ago my father got the red lines on his arms. I thought it was ring worm nut it isnt. he went to the dermatologist are they prescribed a cream called fluocinonide .05% and this hasnt stopped it yet. the only thing that seams to help is get sunburned. please help.

  36. Can You Feel It says

    I think on Earth Clinic they mentioned the red streaks in a candida (fungus) post. Look for candida Earth Clinic Ted from Bangkok. He talks about this. He has healed many.

  37. CJ says

    I have a lump under my skin that itches, no discoloration. It moved from the bottom outside of my foot to the bottom inside of my foot. It does not hurt, itchy and tingly. I have not found anything that describes this sensation. I live in Florida and walk barefoot on my porch, beach etc. Any ideas? maybe a vascular anomaly?

  38. connie says

    I’ve been experimenting with treating myself recently and seem to be winning regarding the mite infestation that’s been going on for years here in my neighborhood. There was an old homeless dog wandering the neighborhood for quite some time when we moved into our home that had mange. He finally died not long after. Being a gardener, I’ve spent alot of time out-of-doors and I began noticing furrows in my skin with intense itching. In my investigations into finding what these were, I discovered that whole outside areas (blocks) can be infested with mites. the eggs and/or bugs attach themselves to you as you brush up against the host plant(s). Any animals with mange in the neighborhood? Anyway, first try soaking in a bathtup (hot) with 1 cup 35% hydrogen peroxide and 1 cup of borax for about 1/2 hour. Follow that with a mixture of essential oils mixed in a spray bottle with water. A good amount of each oil is required. Try tea tree, peppermint, clove, cinnamon, cedarwood, lemongrass, lavender and patchouli. Spray down your whole body and spread with your hands…air dry in bathtub. Bugs will crawl out of your skin within a few minutes. When crawly sensation stops, rinse off what you can and rub yourself down vigorously with a clean towel. Reapply the water/oil mixture and spread with your hands. Air dry. Change linens, towels and clothes every day and spray yourself down after every shower or bath. Spray furniture and carpets with spray and vaccuum often. Start drinking apple cider vinegar water (1-2 tsps) in a glass of water with every meal. It is my belief that critters are attracted to people with a low pH. II’ve been doing other supplements, but that’s more entailed and too difficult for those with no experience using alternative medicine as I have for over 30 years. But, start with the basic recipe and continue if you notice that it helps. Certain oils are natural abortifacents, so pregnant and nursing mothers….BEWARE.

  39. Sari Nuotio says

    have been suffering of terrible parasitic illness for half year now in Finland.
    I got these parasites from other womans clothes and first I saw they were like a small
    grains of dust and white, I could hardly see them with my pail eyes. They were the eggs of the parasites that later on started to grow under my skin. I have been treating them in many ways but still the misery is going on. It looks like an enddless battlefield where I am alone. Loneliness is the worse thing for a woman who has no work to gain money and I have to put more than half of my small pension to keep the treatment going on. I have been using seasalt products while showering, using teatree-oil mixed with almon oil for the skin. I have been taking now 3 weeks Silver water (it has lowened the itching and tahts good) but nothing kills the parasites.I will try IVERMECTIN next week and Metronidazole because I have not been using any single antibiotic on the way with this disease. Im worried about my social life has gone and I don´t feel like singing anymore. Id like to come to America to meet people with the parasitic epidemia and share my knowledge and have some friends. I think that all the people will leave me in the end in here. Today and yesterday I noticed that I cannot walk much anymore because of the joint pain in my knees. We have to eep on believing and trying t find the cure with a brave heart. God bless you all sufferers. There is an intresting tincture still left in my book for healing for use. Say a prayer for me those who still continue believing for the miracle through prayers. God may help us find the right medicine.

  40. sherwood says

    i was told it is very important, 10 day treatment 5 DAYS OFF 10 day treatment.. without the 5 days off the immature parasites will not have time to mature.. as the treatments you are taking are for the mature parasites, you must defeat this by CYCLING their life cycle until it stops

  41. Love Florida says

    CJ – I know this is getting to you late, but you probably have a case of hookworm. I live in FL too and I think I recently may have gotten the same thing. You can get it from walking barefoot, especially in the sand where dogs or cats may have been (think the beach), walking barefoot on any dirty/sandy soil, or even from your own pets if they’re not treated. It’s called “creeping eruption” or “ground itch”. Google those terms or the the following hookworm names: Ancylostoma duodenale, Ancylostoma braziliense, or Necatar americanus. Make sure to get treatment (albendazole), otherwise if you have gotten enough worms they can move around and becoming more “systemic” causing other problems.

    As ridiculous as it sounds most health professionals don’t think parasites are really a problem in the US and therefore don’t think of that as being an option in many cases. I work as a Microbiologist (we deal with parasites & other micro-organisms in the lab). If you can’t get proper treatment, see an infectious disease specialist.

  42. Helpful Treatment Perhaps says

    Several years ago, there was a gentleman who used the internet moniker “Mr. Common Sense”. This gentleman devised a “Poor Mans Protocol” which I used, and found it relieved 90% of my symptoms, and nearly 100% of symptoms of 2 friends who had similar problems. He ended his blog after being symptom-free for 6 months. I recall it involved common and easily available items, and cost little, compared to the quack treatments on many sites. I wish I still had a link to the site, but a web search may turn up his protocol. I remembered it did involve Borax, washing clothing and bedding in Borax, and not boric acid, an ant poison. I skipped the nutritional supplements involved, which may have resulted in my lower response rate, but some of the supplements conflicted with medication I already take, If someone is good st searching the internet, they might be able to post a link to it. In my case, black and white objects observed entering, under, and exiting the skin, formication, tiredness, and inability to concentrate. I am already disabled, due to other causes. If insects are observed, kill them safely (to you) and open them with a disposable razor blade, sold in hardware stores for scrapers. You will invariably find an unnatural white object inside the insects bothering you. Do not bother talking to a MD about it. They will dismiss it as “delusions of parasitism” and refer you to a shrink. They will also discount any future problems you have, because you are “crazy”. Do not bring objects to the doctor. This is considered “matchbox syndrome”, also “crazy”. For those who are afflicted, you are not crazy, this is real, and you have to create relief yourself. In the whole US, only one researcher works on this disease, I believe at University of Oklahoma, and he is too busy to have contact with patients directly.

  43. laura castillo says

    My daughters and I are affected by this bug that enters and exits the skin. We went to the doctor and yes they dismissed the issue. Its very hard to sleep and uncomfortable during the day. We have these bites all over and it 2 next to eachother. Please let me kmow how to take care of this issue. If not we will try the raiser method. Thank you.

  44. Barry says

    I’ve had the Morg stuff for awhile and tried most everything on here. Also, believe that the government and Monsanto are behind this. Chemtrails and such project cloverleaf (started it all) it’s all there. We were all responsible though wanting everything fast,now,convenient. We became too complacent. Nobody has mentioned the lint thing. Try this..Check your clothes the inside of pockets,hoodies, socks, any cotton material you will see lint right? Pull it all of fwont come off usual but have you ever paid attention to the remaining? T seems they stand up and move in direction of the motion of your hand. About Dr’s I work in medical field and see a lot and I know better than to tell Dr’s or others about my situation. Instead I hide it best I can. With the sores and weight loss and brain fog sluggishness I know they think I’m doing drugs! But, I’d rather they think that than think I am crazy delusional but also brought on by drugs according to CDC. Few tips, guys & gals…keep ALL hair short!,!! Or completely shaved off! It will help in reducing spread. The travel via nesting or shooting mucous secretion very fine that coats and travels hair to hair follicle. With the secretion or “no stick spray “as I lie to call it.
    Just know that the medications rx’d do make things worse i know that. Here is a thing to do if you have a reoccurrence start I usually do the spray thing my own concoction (hibiclense,peroxide,alcohol,iodine,silver drops peppermint oil, sea-salt, black pepper,garlic /ginger, minced, lemon juice, glycerin,crushed cinnamon spray on arms and legs hands feet…. the go outside with water hose and using nozzle hose connector turn to stream then turn up water and spray start at forearm and spray you will see the morgies begin to shoot out of of poors or the sore or potential sores ie.dormant ones. Spray back of wrist see how water and stuff is expelled out of the trails or sores at every knuckle and hand crease. Do this to both arms elbows down and legs feet hands it will hurt a bit when the big one are shot out like a rubber band snapping you and the water gets real hot. Its basically pressure washing yourself. Then go shower, bathe, shower and scrub again most will come out.
    ***** Shake off and kick after shower the water on body,hands and feet they cant hang on
    Things to remember….
    ****No sugar! No sodas!( my weakness) damn it!! No product with aspartame it’s a sugar product/ formaldehyde used in embalming fluid! In every soda and product with sugar.
    ***No fast food!
    **New moon and full moon trigger activity! Magnetic I keep copper wire or tubing around and rare earth magnets to repel.
    Eat Fruits,veggies,raw nuts-almond,pumpkin etc…
    **Drink herbal tea plenty of filtered water I usually do the apple cider vinegar/water in AM and baking soda/water when I get home and once before bed. Alkaline good Acidity Bad
    **-With sores or precaution I use a paste I make with zinc oxide cream,
    anti fungal(clotrimazole,lamisil,etc.)all about work same cream,oint or powder to thicken
    Silver solution antibacterial gel(cvs-cheapest,Walgreens, found in first aid burn cream section)
    Povidine-iodine cream. Coconut oil or glycerin for making it go a long way thins it out, capsaicin cream or Vicks mix all ratios I usually eyeball and test depending on severity — most stuff you probably have but for all probably 25-30$ but will last a few months. Add oils, lemon,peppermint,lavender for fragrance.
    **No fufu soaps or gels with any ingredients with more letters than you can use on scrabble or words w/fr
    –YES pure glycerin/aloe, dr bromms, pure soap, homemade soaps,shower gels neutragena good for those who can afford!? Lol Lava soap(borax) product, and aspexia soap scrub bar I love this!
    **Always have Borax or Arm and Hammer/oxy clean for wash,bath,cream,sprays, and carpet fresher many uses.
    A healthy diet– vitamins/minerals ask dr or specialist before trying.
    **Probiotic is a MUST!
    **Colloidal silver spray cream I always have use varies on symptoms but always taking.
    **frequency therapy helps but I’m frugal I use thin copper wire (jewelry wire) 3$ lasts a yr or two cut up ball up crush or tie. Use in ears, hold one rolled and flattened piece in mouth couple pieces rolled and held in hands tied a piece as headband touching spots of activity and hum different songs. You’ll get popping and action as they jump its like a bug zapper. Silly looking with this on but it’s cheap it works and lets face it if it helps what the heck right. You will figure out which ones work best!
    ***clean all surfaces glasses belts shoes try to change every other day I usually sprinkle borax or arm&hammer detergent in then put outside or in freezer
    ***People use salt it has been used forever the government started that its bad for you, put everyone on medication for high blood pressure and cholesterol. Now they say sal isn’t bad….common denominator these Morgies don’t like salt? .? Hmmm. Just to add..the mechanism of action on these drugs that are good for you are the same things that are coming out or are inside of us. Ever wonder how a medication knows where to go? They are self-replicating,assembly, distribution, capable of sending a signal or receiving one. Some are capable of recording and sending! Pull out one of the hairs that are white, grey look close they glow or blink at tip hold to mirror with tweezers and blow gently they shoot out little spray of white mini- morgies . Pull out two hairs one normal(thin) and one white, grey hold together in tweezer again and watch the morgue will wrap itself around the other and absorb becoming one!
    *******make no mistakes there is no cure if someone says they have one they are lying!!
    There is only symptom treatment and coping with it best we can! Lean on others. Look at it this way we are either rejecting this or are first to have our eyes open! Eventually everyone will have this and say I didn’t know? So not to be the bad guy stock up slowly because when they finally recognize this floodgates to all remedies, products, etc… Maybe even pulled off market by GOV. Safety you know? This is just a get back to basics turn or mankind we got away from help your neighbor, a tribe to raise a child and grew to thrive on wanting everything easy! One pill to cure one device to talk,text,etc. as long as we were watching the magic show the shiney things we forgot to watch the smoke and mirrors. We are in this together the answer is in plain sight Nature is not finished yet Natural is good. Organic yes. Man made stuff is just that…based on and mutated for ease and convenience. Think, every movie now about some virus or machine taking over. A smoke and mirror trick to De-Sensitize us. Where and when do they end? In or with nature…ie..forest,rain,natural setting a partnership with the other creatures of nature to overcome. There’s a message…It’s time to wake shake of the sleep and Morgies… Forget the magic show…THINK!! Ask questions!! It’s your right.
    P.S. they are emotionally triggered and hate strong smells(oils,foods,garlic, cinnamon etc)spicy hot stuff also. Control your emotion stay calm and get support from other you’re not alone! Anger ,mad, sad, depressed,all change your chemistry and frequency, decreasing your immune system and opening the door for morgie activity.
    Sorry so long my 1& 1/2 cents worth.

  45. says

    I have recently created a website, completely free, non profit, compiling and sharing all effective remedies that I have found thus far for morgellons as well as my hypotheses regarding its cause(s). I am a PhD scientist and fellow sufferer. I make nothing off the site, but I do share a great deal of scientific knowledge on the site freely. I am remaining anonymous presently. All questions are welcome, and I hope Dr. Oz will let the site name stay up here as a service to sufferers who don’t know which way to turn. It’s morgreport com

  46. Charlie John says

    I have been dealing with insect infestation for over two years now. Tests for blood parasites are negative as well as skin punch biopsies. However, its like pulling teeth from a horse trying to get in front of a parasitologist or biologist unless you are reffered by doctor. Dermatologist adn doctors will not ally with you unless test are conclusive. So now I have had no choice but to push their ignorance with law suits. Examination of scabbing as well as blood and fluid from under the lesions conclude parasite development. One doctor wanted to diagnose me with Morgellons but I refused since not a fiber to be found in any of the specimens and that is what they hold most dear to that type of diagnosis. Ivermectin cleared the lesions twice, but since test were negative doctors refuse me ongoing treatment. I now have 23+ lesions again and fighting for my life.

  47. Charlie John says

    continues: what is most ironical, is that int eh past two years I have had swelling of leg and scrotum, right eye 50% vision loss, unidentifiable cysts on my liver, swollen spleen and liver and clear notable cysts or papules under the skin surrounded by tracks. Many medical articles published support my finding but my doctors remain committed to rather diagnose delusional parasitosis. I did everything they told me to do to help them heal….now I am holding them liable for their carelessness. I need to go on with my life and willing to take the risk and have the courts decide.

  48. Joan Woodward says

    I too have had the skin parasites for almost two years now. I’ve tried everything. I agree with the last poster that we need to file a class-action lawsuit against the government for not having the CDC find out what the hell this disease is. Dr. Oz only cares about getting paid to sell stuff that makes people look younger. Notice how he could care less about this and all these people are suffering and suffering and have no help and no cure. I went to a Lyme Disease specialist and they ran tests, waiting for the results, they put me on antibiotics and Ivermectin, now my intestines hurt so badly I can’t eat. They claim it is a co-infection from Lyme Disease, but I never had Lyme and I caught this from a new apartment I moved into, I was bit by bugs in the carpet and got these parasites. Also, the doctor never heard of them being inside of my feet, that’s where the adult ones live, they bite me so hard in my feet. So another pointless remedy yet again taxing my intestines, liver and kidneys. I am about to go off all the drugs and go back to the natural remedies. This has turned into a hopeless situation.

  49. says

    i suffered from this for about a year total and was on the verge of suicide… i started smoking alot of marijuana and it subsided the want to kill myself but all the suffering was still there.

    at one point something crawled out of my tear duct and burrowed into my finger, and im sure i became the laughing stock of a few hospitals lunch conversations..

    i tried everything everyone posted early on tried garlic cloves with no luck..

    circling back i again tried garlic cloves but this time 2 cloves in a ham sandwich.. i CRUSHED them.. not diced. mixed with mayonnaise and spread.
    something about them being crushed and not diced did the trick and i felt 150% better within 3 days.. and will always continue to eat a garlic sandwich atleast once a month for the rest of my life.

    I hope this helps somebody as much as it helped me.

  50. Gail says

    It’s hookworm, folks. I would agree that these things are being schlepped around. There basically is no cure for a systemic hookworm infection. Raccoon Roundworm (baylyscarious pryions) Dog (canine roundworm), etc. Get gabapentin from your doctor. All of these concoctions may work to a degree. The prognosis is travelling larval migrans in skin and all organs. They are in your central nervous system. The liver will start to fail. Blindness. Coma. Death.

  51. Gail says

    It’s hookworms! Raccoon roundworms, canine, ect. Prognosis: liver dysfuntion, blindness, coma, death. The remedies may help with some symptoms, buut the condition is fatal. These worms are being schlepped around. The eugenics society is culling the herd of humans.

  52. matthew obuchowski says

    try using bentonite clay externally its a power u can mix with apple cider vinegar or water make a paste put it on the affected areas leave on for 10 to 25 mins u will feel a tingling as the clay hardens , u can buy great plains bentonite clay its a liquid oral form for internal use

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