Dr. Oz: Parasitic Worms – Tapeworms, Roundworms & Pinworms


Dr. Oz speaks about parasitic worms: tapeworms, roundworms and pinworms. If a worm gets into your gut, it will make your intestine its new home and live off of what you eat. A tape worm is one, extremely long worm (over 30 feet!!); whereas round worms and pin worms infect in packs. 

Mike Leahy, a guest on Dr. Oz, intentionally consumed a tapeworm in the name of science.  He tracked how he felt and what side effects he noticed.  He did not lose any weight, but he did see worms crawl out (not just when he went to the bathroom, but worms on his arms too).  Some common symptoms of tapeworms include feeling like you have butterflies in your stomach, nausea, mild stomach cramps, or if you see something moving in your bowel movement (or as Leahy says “poop”).  Leahy took magnesium salt to remove the tapeworm quickly.


  1. Lynn Runge says

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell us again about the safety of our fish. IF I COOK MY FISH THRU WILL IT BE SAFE FROM WORMS????????

    Scared to eat fish!!!
    Lynn Runge

  2. Mina Khan says

    Hey! My Name is Mina Khan and I am 21 years old. I think I have tapeworm and I don’t know any doctor.

  3. says

    Oh no Mina! Where do you live? I would try to find a general practitioner for tapeworms. Or even a free medical clinic can probably help you out. Best of luck getting better 🙂

  4. says

    Are some people more sensitive to the pinworms such that they get more symptoms than others? my daughter has had them a few times and seems to get nausea and sleep issues and some stomach cramps, even low grade temp, though we are not certain the pinworms are the cause. She has been feeling bad the last couple of days, lethargic etc….and saw them yesterday when she went to the bathroom. She is a teenager.

  5. chelsea says

    I have a question,I’m 13 years old and I still ocassionaly get pinworms
    ,I was wondering if there is something wrong? because it’s mostly
    affected kn children no? I was also wondering if pinworms can lead to tapeworms??
    please help,I’m firghtened

  6. Dave says

    Most prescription based medicine for parasites are ineffective as they only target a couple at a time and are harsh on the body. By far, the best product for all parasites is called
    food grade diatamaceous earth. I have been taking this product and it is amazing. So far I have taken it for a week and every time I have a bowel movement I see lots of parasites. Feel amazing. I had pin worms. Supposed to take the product for 1 month. Very cheap too. About $20.00 a kg. Also a natural product which always beats chemical. Awesome product.

  7. Theresa Girard says

    I got bite by 3 ticks, one brown and 2 smaller red. They where located on my rectum, The itching caused me to get a mirror and check myself out, since we live in the country. “The very next day my rectum was as large as golf ball. Finally went a way and I was having symtons like extreme fatique, stomach cramps, rashes on mostly my face, ears and nose. These rashes turned out to be dead worms and under them there where alive ones, I first saw them about a month on, and was affaird to tell anyone because they may think im crazy. So I told my husband, and he believed me when i pick it ou of my skin with needle point tweezers. So I went on a quest one night gathering as many as i could 20 or 30, I put them in plASTIC BAG then in a altoild can.These things hurt me some where just like the picture of white worms but some of them where dark and had a fan tail with a needle on it. Could that hafe been the male and white one female? I took medicine for pinworms over the counter, due to my doctor writing a rx. and the pharmacy said they no longer made this available, too many adverse side effects. well they said dogs don’t get em. BS My little jack russell caught from us. I have a liver disease and have many medical issues. This experience has been a nightmare. That medicine Pin X worked for about 2 wks. took another dose, same thing. IIn the end they where crawling out of my mouth. It is pretty sickening, I have lost about 15 lbs. and Im not sure if this reece pin medicine is gona help this is day 2 Thei itching and stabbing seems to have subsided. For how long. Any suggestions out there. This is not just a physical trhing it is mental. I feel as if im going crazy. Somebody help me!

  8. man says

    Man who would ever let them get that bad yuk. The pin x is not good because the female dies and leaves 15-20,000 eggs behind that still hatch then you got a real bad case 2-3 weeks later. Look get the paralyzer pyrantel pamoate med not the poison, pet wish pros $13 big bottle . Then throw everything at them,#1 papaya enzyme, +#2 D Earth sifted 1spoon am 1 pm, jalapino peppers raw – jusdoit, Ground Cloves is the only thing that will kill the eggs inside you. am/pm in drink, hot pepper sauce, Garlic, Thyme, Spray undies, pants inner,91% Alcohol and wipe bum with 91% rubbing Alcohol, n clean your bum, hands,nails,spray bedding toilet seat floor, Lysol wear mask clean, wash, clean, keep yr fingers off yr face, they can get in your sinus yuk. Thresa if they are under your skin that’s not pinworm get medical asap. rub vin, j pepper ,careful garlic can burn bad later,

  9. says

    Hi, I picked up two cats a little over a month ago. Two weeks ago I looked over to see worms crawling out of of one of their bottoms. So they got treated for round worms.. Then..last Saturday morning when I used the restroom I noticed I had the same worms in my stool.. Well I am 27 weeks pregnant and I couldn’t take anything OTC.. I have struggled finding a script through my OB/GYN and just tonight I took Stromectol. Everyone and everywhere I read or talk to says this is impossible because I couldn’t contract worms from my cats.. My whole house has now been treated but I am still unsure that this medicine is fine and am worried it these may reoccur. The stool culture didn’t specify the parasite either. This has just been awful.

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