Dr Oz: Parathyroid Gland Causes Brittle Bones & Calcium Deficiency


Dr Oz did a segment on the Parathyroid Gland, which is an organ that Doctor Oz has not spoken about before on his television show.  Did you know that your Parathyroid Gland could be the secret reason that you have brittle bones?  Dr Oz’s Assistant-Of-The-Day, Mila, said that she really was hoping to do a segment on “poop” because she learned from Dr Oz that you want to have “S Shaped Poop” – good to know!

Dr Oz: Parathyroid & Calcium

Dr Oz said that the Parathyroid Gland is fundamental for regulating calcium in your body.  If your Parathyroid does not work, your bones cannot get strong – regardless of how much Dr Oz Parathyroid Hormonecalcium you get in your diet or calcium supplements.

Dr Oz: Parathyroid Symptoms

Dr Oz said that the following list of symptoms are often seen when you have Parathyroid Problems:


  1. Suzanne says

    I disagree with using Vitamin D to “quiet” your parathyroid glands. Many of us have an adenoma, a benign tumor, on one or more parathyroid glands which causes excess hormone to be secreted. This, in turn, causes the body to pull excess calcium out of the bones and place it in the bloodstream, creating problems such as joint and bone pain, insomnia, depression, anxiety, headaches, memory problems, abdominal pain, kidney stones, and ultimately osteoporosis. Adding Vitamin D to a system that has this parathyroid disease, known as hyperparathyroidism, can cause the parathyroid to pull even more calcium from the bones. For more information about this treatable disease, including symptoms, how to get tested for it, and how to treat it, visit http://www.parathyroid.com. Most doctors are not fully educated in this disease, and therefore either write off the symptoms, or advise Vitamin D supplements. The only cure for an adenoma on your parathyroid gland is surgery.

  2. Margaret Mitchell says

    I have a high parathyroid level and somewhat high calcium level. My endocrinologist never suggested taking 1000 IU of Vitamin D (my level is a little low–like 31 or 34) as something to try (only an operation was discussed). What study did you see that had taking the 1000 of Vitamin D as helping?
    Margaret Mitchell

  3. Margaret Mitchell says

    Gosh, Suzanne,
    I’m guessing Dr. Oz would like to correct his statements, as they could actually hurt people. Could we help him make this correction, assuming you are right? Anyone have any ideas of how to get Suzanne’s comment to him for his comment?

  4. illya says

    Suzanne you are sooo right. I had to take Vit.D3-took it for 4 month 2000IU a day. I am still sick and have now parathyroid very high 9.3. I was never sick-don’t take medications and now I have straight after the intake od D3 circulation in my lower leg-pain in my pelvic and difficulties to walk and lost a lot of weight-has to do with taking the calcium of the bones, Vit.D is dangerous but I was told by the endocrinologist that it was very good. I am over 70 and feel I was used . Please let anyone know never to take Vit d3.It is another scam to get the shares up.(yes I did read the website Parathyroid.com but too late for me know.)

  5. says

    Suzanne is absolutely correct. If you have an elevated calcium above 9.9 there is a problem. Do not let a doctor tell you we will check it in another 6 mos. It will only be higher and you will be sicker. I am having surgery in 2 wks. I not only have a parathyroid tumor but also a thyroid tumor.
    I have been miserable for years and kept complaining to my doctor that something is terribly wrong.
    But, I too was told that it was all in my head. They wanted to write for anti-depression medication. I refused. If I truely was depressed than I felt, “how can you cope if your drugged up”? I honestly don’t have time to be depressed in my busy life. As I suffered I kept searching for help. My OBGYN was the only one that would listen. I only see him once a year so (who knew). He ordered blood panels and sure enough my calcium was 10.6. So he right away ordered another work up of blood and the second time it came back 11.1 I was scheduled for surgery within a month. Surgery is April 15th. I then did extensive research on the internet and educated myself to protect myself. All that I learned is exactly what I’ve been going thru for years. So sad, this “is” a huge problem for women and it is increasingly getting worse. Make sure during dental procedures or mammogram to where the protective covering around the neck for all x-rays. They do not offer it to you but they have the equipment if they don’t have it. Get out of there fast. The only solution for high calcium and elevated PTH levels is parathyroid surgery. There is enormous amounts of information at your fingertips. But choosing a qualified parathyroid surgeon is a whole other task. Be thorough, its your life your fighting for. You have that right.

  6. nancy Fitzgerald says

    I have osteopenia which has progressed to osteoporosis in the right forearm. Also have broken 2 femurs and have GERD. But calcium is normal.

    I will be looking for a 2nd opinion, but don’t know whether to go to Dr. james Lee in NYC or to Tampa. Anyone have success with any of these?

  7. usha says

    I noticed Doctor OZ ‘s comments on Parathyroid remarks .I for one who has gone through it and still being checked for it .I have to say it is a serious matter and should be refffered to a good endochronologist. However taking calcium is the way to go togo .If you are cleared of the parathyroid malfunction .with so many tests and scans available now it is not that difficult to manage the problem .But taking vitamin D and beleiveing it will cure you is a Myth.

  8. Suzanne says

    Anyone with suspected hyperparathyroidism should not take Vitamin D or Calcium supplements…the excess calcium is slowly destroying the body, and the Vitamin D just causes the body to pull more calcium from the bones. The only real treatment for hyperparathyroidism is surgical removal of the effected gland(s). If you have high blood calcium (above 10, especially if it stays that way over multiple tests), have your doctor test your parathyroid hormone level. This is not a disease to take lightly, but too many doctors (sadly) give out faulty advise about this one…

  9. Karen Knox says

    After a routine annual exam obgyn, blood work came back abnormal. 13.0 calcium , very low vit-D. re-did blood work to elimate errors. Same. Sent to eyes, nose and throat Dr. evaluated, did a sestamibi scan, which located a small walnut size growth. I was told to STOP taking calicum and Vit-D until further notice. Have surgery scheduled next month. This doesnt go away, surgery is needed to remove the “bad” parathryoid. I had symptoms that I ignored. High Calcuim levels with or with out High PTH levels need to be addressed

  10. Liz says

    After 5 years of feeling very poorly and being made to feel I was imagining my symptoms. I have been diagnosed as having osteomalacia. Has anyone else had treatment for this? My inflammation markers were slightly raised and PTH high at 92. My vit D was very low at 10.2 and was told to take Vit D and Calcium supplements twice daily. As my mum had a parathyroid tumour removed, I am very concerned that I have been told the wrong course of treatment and am prolonging my illness. Is the low vit D causing the PTH to be overstimulated, or the other way round as my calcium levels were normal. Help, I am confused 🙁

  11. Margaret Mitchell says

    What was your Vitamin D? Not 10.2 I wouldn’t think. That sounds like a little bit high calcium level.

  12. Liz says

    Hi Margaret, Yes, Vit D2 was less than 4 and Vit D3 was 10.2 normal value range minimum should be over 30 and optimum between 40 and 80. Thanks Liz

  13. brenda says

    I was told I have too much calcium in my blood 10.6. Had the parathyroid test and was told that it is normal 34 (15-65 Im told is normal) What now? Any thoughts?

  14. gina says

    My pth has been high for years, highest 162, normal vitaman d levels and no high calcium, I do have severe femur pain in my right leg. At night the pain wakes me up, during the day my legs are very stiff especially my frontal thighs and hips. No adenomas detected and I have been to 5 endo doctors. My most recent family doctor visit doc does not like the high pth and is sending me to the head of the dept of endo to help figure this puzzle out. Anyone have any input as to what the problem could be? I’d really appreciate some help. I stay in really good physical shape and will not give in to this pain for NOTHING..

  15. lynne says

    In May 2011, my primary doctor ordered blood work to be done since I had breast cancer many years ago and had not seen my oncologist in a while. My calcium levels were over 10 and naturally she referred me back to my oncologist. (sometimes hight calcium levels indicate cancer) I also did more blood work and was referred to an endocrinolgist. Long story,short. I was told by the endocrinoligist, I would need surgery. That was when the real work began. Finding a surgeon, other than Dr. Norman who charges $750 just to look at your records, and takes no insurance for that . It took me four months, and by that time my calcium was over 12. I found a great surgeon. Dr. Harold Bimston in Fort Lauderdale,Florida. The surgery took about 25 minutes. That was in August. It is now January 2012. After the surgery. I was told to take calcium and 50,000 milligrams of vitamin D (one a week) until last week. Before the surgery, the only complaints I had was extreme pain and burning in my legs, hips and feet. I don’t know if it’s a coincidence. or the surgery and vitamin D cured me, but I do know it’s gone. The only problem left is terrible thinning of my hair. I have heard from other women with this condition the surgery did not cure the hair thinning so I’m not to hopeful. My advise, find a good surgeon, Dr. Bimstom really cares, his follow-up is great. I never heard of this problem before I had it and it seems the doctors aren’t to knowledgeable either. I’m lucky I had a thorough primary doctor too

  16. lynne says

    Dr. Bimston is in Hollywood, Florida, not Fort Lauderdale. I am correcting myself, in case anyone wants to contact him.

  17. rene says

    I have hyperparathyroid which was diagnosed in 2004 and had surgery. I have been following it since 2006 with a new doctor and my calcium levels have been high. Recently 6/6/2012 I got a SEVERE MASSIVE headache and ended up in ER twice. My calcium level was 11.5. My doctor thinks these headaches I have had for two weeks are from the parathyroid. I am seeing an Endochronololgist on July 3 here in Hawaii. My doctor keeps talking about some clinic in Florida (tampa) where they have some equipment to pinpoint the overactive nodule. I don’t think my insurance will cover any of it because it is out of state. I am wondering if anyone knows of any other state that might have this equiipment to scan the throat to avoid exploritory surgergy. I know I need another surgery but fear they will not remove the right one and I will be in the same situation as before (2004) and still have the problem. My doctor also just recommend 800mg of Vitamin D, after reading these posts I am afraid to continue to take it. Any Advise would be so helpful!

  18. rene says

    Also, wondering if any of you got severe headaches from you hyperparathyroid calcium levels.

  19. Margaret says

    Dr Oz should become educated by the Parathyroid Drs. At the Parathyroid center in Tampa, Florida. Dr Norman , Dr Politz, Dr Lopez and a fourth Dr whose name I can’t remember. It would be great if they educated the Viewers also.

  20. Darlene says

    You can have “normal” calcium and still have a parathyroid tumor. Go to parathyroid.com
    it’s never too late. Bone pain is a huge symptom.

  21. says

    This is a very big issue – i just found a group that has more than 2000 members in it who have had the same difficulties as I in getting the proper diagnosis. I understand that the medical community cannot know all – but I’m hopeful that listening is a skill being taught now in med school. As a teenager who never got a period and was told I was “lucky” by my (male) doctors – then at 24 it was discovered i had a pituitary tumor. Now in my late 40s into my 50s, after complaining of exhaustion, depression, memory loss, fogginess, violent vomiting (the list goes on) — and at first being asked “how old are you?” — ahhhh menopause.
    Now a broken arm, broken foot, and lots of difficult times, Guess what. Thyroid tumor. Then parathyroid tumor. Now another parathyroid tumor.
    Please please please learn about this disease!!!
    Dr. Oz. Hyperparathyroidism. It’s affecting thousands of us. It’s invisible and sounds like we’re whiners. But believe me. We’re not. It’s real. And a very simple (not even over night!) surgery CURES it in many cases. We just have to fight like crazy to “let them” diagnose us correctly.
    and that’s hard when we’re already exhausted, foggy brained and depressed.

  22. says

    Hi ladies….I have still not scheduled a surgery appointment. I blew out my knee and then fractured my ankle in 2 places. I know I still have a high calcium level and need surgery for the second time. I had some “nodules” removed in 2004 by an E.N.T. but they either grew back or he didn’t remove them all. It was a 5 hour surgery @ the Kona Hospital on the Big Island of Hawaii. It was also an over-niter Make sure if you get the surgery you stay on top of blood work etc. as they can reoccur. I have heard Dr. Norman is the best….but not for the price. I am researching a surgeon in Honolulu and hopefully with be able to have surgery again. I have all the symptoms you have Kelly and it sucks! I have also lost a LOT of weight.

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