Dr Oz: Passionflower Extract Reduces Stress & Reduces Belly Fat


Doctor Oz said that stress makes you gain weight, but why?  What is the number one organ that is making you stress?  And how can you conquer belly fat that comes with stress?  Passionflower Supplement

Dr Oz had his helper feel two pretend tummies: one was hard and one was jiggly.  When you aren’t happy at work or you are stressed, then chemicals go to your adrenal gland from your brain, and that changes the way that fats grow in your omentum, which is what makes belly fat grow larger.  Dr Oz said that liposuction does not help omentum fat either!  You do not want steroids to be feeding your omentum and making it grow larger.

Passionflower Supplement for Stress

Dr Oz said there are two ways to relax and break the stress cycle.

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