Dr Oz Pastor Rick Warren Diet: The Daniel Plan

Dr Oz: The Daniel Plan

Doctor Oz did a segment on how Pastor Rick Warren lost weight on The Daniel Plan.  Pastor Warren stated that weight loss groups are important because God has wired us to need each other. Several passages in the bible reference this idea. It is the mutual service to each other that will keep us successful. The long-term behavior came from the group support. One of the best parts about The Daniel Plan is that you form lasting relationships and it’s FREE! Pastor Warren’s words of wisdom; if it grows on a plant—eat it. If made in a plant—don’t eat it.

Dr Oz: Weekly Diet Meetings

1. Form A Weekly Meeting- Forming a weekly meeting creates accountability and encouragement. Dr Oz The Daniel Plan You can use anyone for your meetings, like friends, neighbors and co-workers. During the meetings, have a teaching time, which should be inspirational. Also include a sharing time. This could be sharing information about family, weight loss, sports, basically anything that you can share with others. Make it meaningful and share your healthy recipes or your weight loss success stories.

Dr Oz: Burst Training or Interval Training

2. Burst Training (Interval Training)- This type of training varies speed and intensity. Burst training will increase your metabolism to help you lose weight. Pastor Warren noted that whether you are a beginner or more advanced, interval training can work for you. Cater your training to your level and as you become healthier, the level will increase.

Dr Oz: Goal Sheet

3. Create A Goal Sheet-Your goal sheet should marrying faith with food. Have a daily quiet time in order to do such peaceful things as review your life, recharge your emotions or refocus the mind. Create goals that include such personal tasks as being able to see your children grow up or to love your body. Pastor Warren felt that if you did not have a goal, you were headed nowhere, so take the time to create positive goals that you can achieve.


  1. says

    Dear Dr. OZ, I am so disappointed in you.You made my day by having the fabulous Betty White on in the beginning of your show but i had to turn it off when the mention of Rick Warren was the next guest. How could you allow this homophobic person who has ties with the” KILL THE GAYS” law in Uganda. He and his henchmen are not the so called”peace and love ” preacher but a divider and instigator of hate for gay people here in America, and, now the world. Don’t be fooled into thinking he is just another nice guy-he is NOT ! Maybe you should have done a background check before allowing him on your show. Rick & Nick

  2. steven murphy says

    I was a big fan. Today I saw you teamed up with hate monger Rick Warren.
    Now I’m skeptical of you.

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