Dr Oz & Paul McKenna: Hypnosis for Emotional Eating & Obsessive Dieting


Dr Oz did a segment called Hypnosis For Weight Loss with Paul McKenna and followed it up with a segment on a Hypnosis treatment for people who are Emotional Eaters and Obsessive Dieters.  Dr Oz brought Casey on his show who was a size 26 and lost a lot of weight through Paul McKenna’s Hypnosis treatments.  Casey said the Hypnosis for Weight Loss works from the inside out and that now she feels like she is in control instead of the food being in control.

Dr Oz: Hypnosis At Home

Paul McKenna walked everyone in Dr Oz’s audience and everyone watching at home through the Dr Oz Hypnosis for Weight Lossfollowing steps to do a Hypnosis for Emotional Eating and Obsessive Dieting:

Dr Oz Hypnosis #1: Close Eyes & Relax Body

Make yourself comfortable as you go through this guided visualization.  You will not lose control, and in the case of an emergency, you will be able to bring yourself to the present mood easily.  Just close your eyes and relax your body.

Dr Oz Hypnosis #2: Watch Movie Of Yourself Eating Slowly

Create a movie in your mind of yourself eating slowly.  See through your own eyes how it looks to be a more “in control” version of yourself.  Let your conscious mind figure out ways to cope with overeating other than actually overeating.

Dr Oz Hypnosis #3: Imagine a Thinner Self

Imagine how it feels to be a thinner version of yourself.  Watch yourself being more active.  Make another picture in your mind of how you like after you lost lots of weight.  See and hear how good it feels.  How loose your clothes feels.  How much extra energy you now have.

Dr Oz Hypnosis #4: Think Of Someone Who Loves You

Think about a person who loves you and approves of you.  Float out of yourself and into that person.  Look at yourself through their eyes and notice good things about yourself that you perhaps never noticed.


  1. Elsa Thompson says

    Dr OZ, please listen carefully, I along with 2 others that I encouraged to attend a Dr. McKenna Hypnosis session back in London. I paid in the region of 100 pounds and nothing happened, absolutely nothing, they promised.No retraining of the brain took place. I called his office and I wrote a complaint. I was told by one of the staff that I would get a return call. I never did. I emailed and I called but never got a response. I have since met about 7 people who went to a couple of sessions with Dr. McKenna and again absolutely nothing. Its a hype, how can you work with a crowd of 300 or 400 people and expect to get result? Its sheer greed and an opportunity to make mega bucks.

  2. Paula Parker says

    If Dr. McKenna hypnosis works, why doesn’t he apply to alcoholism?
    As a person who suffers from alcohol addiction, would these principles regarding food work as successfully against, drinking less or not at all?
    Please advise,
    thank you

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