Dr Oz: Peppermint Oil, Rose Oil & Orange Oil Boost Memory & Mood

Dr Oz Essential Oils

Dr Oz: Aromatherapy Oils

Doctor Oz did a segment on Essential Aromatherapy Oils to improve your memory, mind and mood.  By simply using Peppermint Oil, Rose Oil and Orange Oil you can get rid of your brain fog, stop forgetting where you put your keys, boost your mood, and feel alert.  Here is what Dr Oz said that each of these Aromatherapy Oils can do for you:

Dr Oz: Peppermint Oil Improves Mind

Doctor Oz said that Peppermint Oil can help improve your alertness.  If you got a bad night’s sleep, just take a whiff of some Peppermint Oil and you will feel more Dr Oz Essential Oilsrefreshed in the morning.  I have even heard of people carrying around candy canes purely for smelling purposes because of the strong powers of Peppermint Oil!

Dr Oz: Rose Oil or Rosemary Oil Improves Memory

Dr Oz said that Rose Oil can enhance your quality of memory, clears your mind and stimulates your memory.  Rosemary Oil or Rose Oil (both of which smell very different!) are great memory enhancers that will keep you from forgetting where your keys are.

Dr Oz: Orange Oil Improves Mood

Doctor Oz’s final Essential Oil is Orange Oil, although he said Orange Oil, Lemon Oil or any citrus oil will work because they contain Limonene, which can decrease your anxiety and improve your mood.  Vitamin C also helps you to deal with stressful situations, and when you are overly stressed, Dr Oz said that it impacts your ability to think well and to remember things.

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