Dr Oz: Peptic Ulcers & H. Pylori Causes Stomach Ulcers

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Dr Oz: Peptic Ulcers & H. Pylori Causes Stomach Ulcers

By on October 1, 2010

Doctor Oz did a segment on what causes Peptic Ulcers and how to prevent stomach ulcers.  Peptic Ulcers cause a deep burning pain and 25 million people suffer from these painful stomach ulcers.  What causes stomach ulcers?  Dr Oz gave a whole list of Peptic Ulcer causes, but one shocking cause was kissing!  First though, in case you do not know if you have ulcers, here are a list of symptoms of Peptic Ulcers from Dr Oz.  Dr Oz Stomach Ulcers

Peptic Ulcer Symptoms

– Pain is worse on an empty stomach.

– Pain increases at night.

– Temporary relief after eating.

– Pain disappears and returns for days and / or weeks.

Dr Oz said there are other symptoms like nausea, burning and burping.  In addition, H. Pylori can cause stomach ulcers.  Bacteria is transmitted through food, saliva, water and even kissing!  Dr Oz said it is not too uncommon to treat a wife for Peptic Ulcers, to heal her, and then to have her back with the same problem a little while later.  The reason that she keeps getting stomach ulcers is because her husband has them the whole time, but he has no symptoms, so he passes the H Pylori to his wife and continues to re-infect her.

Dr Oz did a demonstration to show exactly what ulcers do.  There is a thick layer of material that protects the stomach.  If you damage the lining inside the stomach, like by having H Pylori, then it is like removing a chunk of the lining.  Then when you pour acid on the lining where the chunk is missing from the lining, you can get a bleeding ulcer.  So how do you find out if you have this bacteria H Pylori?  Dr Oz said that you can have an endoscopy where they test a small section of your regular stomach tissue to look for H Pylori.

Peptic Ulcer Causes

– Pain Relievers – Dr Oz said that acetaminophen is the most benign pain reliever, but most other pain relievers can cause stomach ulcers

– Smoking

Dr Oz said that it is a complete myth that spicy food can cause ulcers.  The only thing that spicy food does is to irritate ulcers that already exist.  So spicy food does not cause Peptic Ulcers!

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