Dr Oz: Perimenopausal Rage Plan To Cure Your Rage


Dr Oz’s Perimenopausal Rage Plan

Dr Oz’s show started off today by discussing Perimenopausal Rage.  In the next segment, Dr Oz brought back Marcy Holmes, NP as well as Lisa and Leslie, who suffered from the disorder, to share 4 ways to help curb your rage.


Dr Oz: Birth Control Pills

1. Prescription Medications
– Low dose birth control pills. Dr Oz Perimenopausal Rage Plan
– Anti-depressants help the brain chemistry to get a little more “buffed up.”  Anti-depressants come in many formulas.  Be sure to check for the side effects.

Dr Oz: Progesterone Cream

2. Progesterone cream (OTC) replenishes low doses of missing estrogen.  Be sure the label reads USP progesterone.  Use it 2 or 3 weeks per month, but not during your period.  It is over-the-counter but see your doctor first if you want to do testing to find out if this is for you.

Dr Oz: Perimenopausal Rage Diet

3. Cut out caffeine, alcohol, and sugar.  You can do this on your own.  Along with this, Marcy suggested taking a multi-vitamin rich in Vitamin B.  (Dr Oz had me with caffeine and sugar, but alcohol—the jury is still out on that one!)

Dr Oz: Perimenopausal Rage Therapy

4. Therapy.  Talk it out with your family, a professional, or even with your mom.  If you do not cope with the issues when you have stability, it’s harder to do so when your hormones are out of whack.  Marcy also suggested couples’ counseling.


  1. karen russell says

    HI I am taking HOLY BASIL and it makes a big differnce in my issues which i have all of them that you mentioned. But HOLY BASIL does work is vitman i also take mily vitman for females that are older even though i am 46 i take vitmans for older females.

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