Dr Oz: Persistent Nausea is a Heart Attack Symptom: 7 Deadly Symptoms

By on December 8, 2010

Dr Oz’s 7 Deadly Symptoms You Should Never Ignore was a great segment with the potential to save many lives.  So I urge everyone to read this list carefully and to send a link to this article to all of your close friends and family members!  Together, we will surely be able to save some lives!  The first 6 Deadly Symptoms that Doctor Oz mentioned can be read here: Dr Oz 7 Deadly Symptoms You Should Never Ignore.  But Dr Oz said that the most critically important symptom that should never be ignored is Persistent Nausea.  This is a surprise symptom that someone could feel now, and if not acted upon, it could kill you within a month. Dr Oz Nausea & Heart Attack

Dr Oz: Heart Attack Symptom – Persistent Nausea

Dr Oz said that nausea is a very common sign for women having a heart attack or for women who are about to have a heart attack.  Dr Oz called up a woman from his audience because her mother had recently had a heart attack at a restaurant with her sister.  Together, Dr Oz and the lady marked all of the possible areas where you can feel symptoms of a heart attack: your right arm, left arm, stomach, back of your chest, jaw, neck chin, shoulder, warm feeling across the chest, headaches and clammy hands.  Dr Oz said that feeling lightheaded or having Persistent Nausea are other classic signs of Heart Attacks.

Dr Oz explained that the reason you feel Heart Attack Symptoms all over your body is because of Referred Pain.  The nerves from your heart go into your spinal column, where they cross with many other nerves going to different parts of your body.  When the nerves cross, they short circuit and cause symptoms all over your body.  Dr Oz said that 95% of women who have a heart attack say that they had one of these symptoms for up to a month beforehand but just ignored it because most people are not aware that they should recognize these issues as symptoms.  So please help spread awareness by passing this article on to everyone you know!

Dr Oz: What to do if You Have a Heart Attack:

– Call 911

– If 911 cannot get you there fast enough, get someone else to drive you to the emergency room

– Chew on an aspirin

– Lie down

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Comments to Dr Oz: Persistent Nausea is a Heart Attack Symptom: 7 Deadly Symptoms

  1. Dr. Oz 7 Deadly Symptoms You Should Never Ignore article, was extremely informative with life saving information

    Thank you.

  2. Wendy Adams says:

    I am a 49-year-old caucasian women in pretty good health (vitals are normal) who has been battling persistent nausea for about 6 weeks, so when I saw this episode I was shocked since my doctor was suggesting pelvic and abdominal ultrasounds but seems not sure what my issue is. Since there are heart issues on both sides of my family I guess I could be at risk but would’ve never associated the nausea with my heart if I had not seen this episode. Thank you for continuing to supply vital information to the public that it otherwise may never get.

  3. Tanesha Grant says:

    I have been battling with naseau and most of these symptoms for several months.especially the leg cramps.I went to doctor and several tests were done including ecg and all was normal.I am concern because the symptoms and signs are there but no diagnosis have been made.

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