Dr Oz: Personal Information Card & Nurses’ Secrets


Dr Oz: Nurses’ Secrets That Can Save Your Life

Dr Oz’s hospital, New York Presbyterian, employs over 4,600 nurses and Dr Oz brought out a few, including his own OR nurse, to give you 5 of the biggest health secrets. (Did anyone else forget that Dr Oz still practiced medicine in an actual hospital?) The nurses revealed such secrets as when a doctor tells you the surgery is going to be 4 hours, it’s really only going to be 2 but they include prep time. Another secret revealed was that when a nurse tells you no food or drink after midnight before a surgery, they really mean it. This also includes mint and gum because food causes secretions, which may interfere with your surgery the next morning. One other nurse suggested talking to your nurse and not your doctor about pain medications since nurses are the ones that manage the patient’s pain, not the doctor.

Dr Oz: Nurses’ Health Secrets

1. Donna Cardillo, RN- Donna has been a nurse for over 3 decades and revealed that nurses are basically your primary caregiver, not the doctor. Nurses advocate and do the health education for you. Dr Oz Personal Information Card Nurses are the ones that are there 24/7 at your bed and are the ones that notice your subtle condition changes. Nurses also help you navigate your way through the complex healthcare system, not the doctor. For the best care, Donna’s #1 rule: the fewer the patients, the better care you receive. The more qualified nurses at the bedside, the better it is for you as a patient.

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