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Dr Oz’s Personality Quiz, put together by Dr Helen Fisher, the Chemistry.com Chief Scientific Advisor, can tell you all about your health.  Is Your Personality Making You Sick?  Doctor Oz said that people often use the excuse “it is just my personality” as a reason for being stubborn, impulsive or a workaholic – sound familiar?  Take the Personality Quiz below to learn what your health risks are for your personality type!

Dr Oz: Personality & Health

Doctor Oz said that diet, bad habit and the environment can make you sick, but what about your personality?  Have you Dr Oz Personality Quizever taken one of those personality quizzes in a magazine or online to figure out the best career for you or what kind of partner you are?  Your personality may tell you things like if you are at risk for cancer, premature aging, obesity or heart disease.  Decide how true the eight statements below are about your personality, and then read what they reveal about your health.  Dr Oz asked Dr Helen Fisher, Biological Anthropologist, what is so new about this Personality Quiz?  She said that she has studied personality for many years, and has come up with 4 Personality Styles and ways of behaving that dictate who they choose to marry, but until now she never thought about how Personality Style could also impact your health.

Dr Oz: Explorer Personality: Risk-Taker & Impulsive

Dr Oz asked everyone to answer truthfully to what extent the following two statements sound like your personality:


  1. Shannon says

    I turned out to be two which are builder and negotiator so I guess that’s a double wammy?

  2. Amber says

    I found out that I’m a builder, a workaholic, and a negotiator talk about a triple threat! Am I in for it or what?

  3. Carolyn Reed says

    I found out I am a builder and a negotiator. Until the last few years I never saw myself as emotional, but I am and have always been. As it turns out my lifetime best friend of over 50 years, and I have the same personality. I realized that after watching today;s show. Oddly enough she had come come to the same conclusion today without having seen the show. We both have autoimmune diseases.

  4. Carolyn Reed says

    Also, I recognized a friend of mine who is a doctor as being a director. He actually stated that he doesn’t listen to most people. Though that aspect of the show wasn’t covered online as it was on the show. There wasn’t a thing stated during the show that didn’t apply to him. I worry about his lack of social connections. It was a wise decision when Dr Oz stated he was going to call friends. Although, it is hard to imgine having friends to call when you are this personality, beause it takes time to have friends. A driven director, workaholic doesn’t usually recognize the body’s social need as pointed out by Dr Fisher. Hello Brenda. I know you are going to read today’s show. If you have any questions call, as I take notes each day

  5. says

    I am a builder and negotiator as well. I think that this Personality Quiz is a little bit too short and not specific enough though, because I think that the majority of people will wind up being multiple of these personality types based on this quiz. Who knows, maybe this is because most people are a combination of different personality types.

  6. Ela Czyz says

    I identify with the “Emotional Nurturer” and guess what I have an autoimmune conditiion and I’m overweight – no surprise there. Just wish I knew this a long time ago.

  7. nassim says

    Hi dear Dr oz. Would u plz disscused about allergies repaired to the estrogen and projestron that are exist in naturali in my body

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