Dr Oz: PGX Fiber Sticks, Halsa Mat & T-Fal Actifry for Weight Loss

By on May 23, 2011

Dr Oz Weight Loss Products

Dr Oz did a segment on Weight Loss Must Haves that included a Halsa Mat, a T-Fal Actifry and PGX Daily Fiber Supplements or PGX Fiber Sticks.  Each of Doctor Oz’s Weight Loss Products seem simple to use and I cannot wait to get my hands on them so that I can write my own personal reviews for you!

Dr Oz: Halsa Mat Review

Doctor Oz’s first Weight Loss Must Have is the Halsa Mat, which costs $40 and is a mat that has thousands of little spikes that stimulate your body’s Dr Oz Weight Loss Must Havesacupressure points.  Who knew that you could lose weight simply by lying down on a mat?  Dr Oz demonstrated how you just lie down on the Halsa Mat for a few minutes and take a few deep breaths.  The acupressure therapy helps your Cortisol Levels to drop, which in turn gets rid of your belly fat.  Everyone in Dr Oz’s audience got a Free Halsa Mat!

Dr Oz: PGX Daily Fiber Supplements

Dr Oz’s second Weight Loss Must Have is a product called PGX Daily.  The average woman gets only 12 grams of fiber per day, rather than the 25-30 grams of fiber that helps to prevent weight gain.  Doctor Oz said that they use PGX Daily Granule Sticks or Softgels in the Oz Household.  He personally prefers the PGX Fiber Sticks which you can sprinkle on your berries, yogurt or even add to water.  He said that PGX Fiber Supplements are the most powerful source of fiber that we know of.  Fiber is so important because it helps to dump the sugar out of your blood stream so that you do not have dramatic up’s and down’s and you stay stable emotionally and physically throughout the day.

Dr Oz: T-Fal Actifry Review

Dr Oz’s final Weight Loss Product was the T-Fal Actifry ($250), which is a great way to have your favorite junk foods like chicken wings, potato chips and fries, all at a fraction of the calories.  Doctor Oz showed how you just have to slice up raw potatoes and add them to the T-Fal Actifry along with about 1/2 TB of olive oil, which promotes weight loss.  You close the lid, set the timer, and in 20-25 minutes you have the most perfect french fries.  Dr Oz’s assistant said the fries were delicious, and they only has 200 calories, compared to the 1400 calories found in fries at a fast food restaurant.

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Comments to Dr Oz: PGX Fiber Sticks, Halsa Mat & T-Fal Actifry for Weight Loss

  1. Etta Reevers says:

    where can I purchase a halsa mat where I live in Birmingham Al

  2. Is the PBX Fiber Supplement better than the Benefiber Supplement? Is either gluten free?

  3. Etta, you can buy it at the following link: Halsa Mat

  4. THe halsa mat does NOT cost $40 !!! many of Dr. Oz recommendations cost MORE than he says. Why does he push these things?

  5. where can I buy a halsa mat?
    I live in kingston, ontario

  6. I live in Ontario Canada, wher can I buy a halsa mat?

  7. Can someone give me the motabolism booster tea shown on thursday sept 1 show? I tuned in late and missed it and can’t find info on it.
    Thank you anybody who responds.

  8. Beth Davies says:

    The recipe for the metabolism booster tea is green tea, add tangerine juice and mint. The tea is supposed to boost the metabolism, the tangerine and mint give you a boost in taste. drink one pitcher a day.

  9. Lorraine Swarn says:

    Can someone tell me where I can purchase the pgx fiber sticks, I live in Decatur Il,

  10. To Beth Davis, Thank you for your prompt answer. I am going to start in the morning. I just don’t know how I will be able to get tangerines year round. I have never seen a bottle of tangerine juice but that would be a good thing.

  11. No two people are the same, but I’ve always had a sensitive stomach and have never had any problems taking the Lady Soma Detox over the last few months. I initially purchased a the packs as part of a new fitness regimen, and my results were regular and … voluminous. (The first few days were particularly … productive.) Never any diarrhea, never any bloating. Just the best digestive health and regularity of my life, though keep in mind I’m pairing its use with better diet and regular exercise. Can’t recommend this stuff highly enough.

  12. I am still waiting for an answer from September 1st. I would like to know where in Ontario Canada you can purchase the halsa mat, would be great for Christmas but the clock is ticking. Thanks

  13. Where can I buy chromium polynicotate in Birmingham, AL

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